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Once Upon A Time in Northern Ireland (iPlayer)

Tough watch, but very well done. Similar format to the Iraq series. Spent most of my summers in Belfast visiting my mums family and love the place and people.

So far some good stuff on the importance of the punk scene, music being a big part of bringing people together.


My current theory is that Citadel is actually a comedy, but only Stanley Tucci is in on the joke. Otherwise it’s just a big pile of expensive crap.


Best £30 i’ve spent in ages.


Haha yes brilliant!

I watched this today, complete cannon fodder but perfect for my hangover.

Silo on Apple TV for all us sci fi nerds. Silo — Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube

Succession completed. Outstanding.


Agreed - obvs won’t say a word more just yet, but it was great


I enjoyed the ending (and especially this season as a whole) but am still trying to process as to whether or not they really stuck the landing for me. Plenty of good interpersonal dynamics and a couple solid turns in the writing, but ultimately left me wanting more, sort of anti-climactic. Maybe that’s the point, but even so, it’s one to think on for me.


I hated the ending.

I think I’ve said this above but Succession to me will be like Game of Thrones (which I never liked) in that a few years from now everyone will be sort of wondering why we all thought it was so great in the first place. Great moments, definitely, but a great show I don’t think so.

Busy dodging spoilers on this. Try not to have more than one TV subscription on the go at once, so intend to rinse Netflix for another month, bin that, then get Now TV for a month and plough through the finale of Succession.
The final episode on huge shows like this is are always one for debate. Thought the endings on The Sopranos, The Wire and Better Call Saul were spot on in that it left things hanging slightly, while rounding off most of the stories. With all those stories I was left with the feeling that although the TV show had finished, the main characters story wasn’t over (if that makes sense).


No spoilers from me either, just to say that I loved the ending. We re-watched S1-3 before S4 started and the series will go down as a classic (for me).

5 Stars


Totally agree - great ending and plenty to think about after. Great series, in my top ten of all time for sure.


Agreed great stuff, I read a Guardian ‘unpack’ this morning of all the things I’d missed, might just watch it again. Top tier telly.


Yeah those unpicks are amazing, some of the details and references that you miss!

I know what you mean. But I really didn’t want a helicopter crash or a terrorist attack so :+1:

If that’s your definition of climactic, sure.

You don’t need any of that for impact and urgency.

No one is asking for Jason Bourne.

The Gallows Pole (iPlayer)

Shane Meadows period piece, very loosely based, on the true story of a coin clipper gang from Yorkshire in the late 18th Century.

Enjoyed this. Only 3 episodes (nice!) and music by Goat.


The book is incredible, really dark

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Thank you both sound right up my street, bought immediately, cover design is fantastic too!