What are you watching?

Started this last night. So good. I love it when film makers do this kind of thing without judgement

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She’s great in the Diplomat. She’s absolutely fantastic in The Americans.

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You can keep your T20 and Hundred, the County Championship is balearic cricket.


Me too. Maybe it’s me getting old and grumpy but when I see insta/tiktok clips of gigs/dances etc people seem to be having fun for the camera. This is before all that.

Apologies if this has already been mentioned… Looks like not currently on iPlayer either but if you get the chance well worth a look - didn’t appreciate what a great songwriter he was and seemed like a good un.

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I’ve been reliably informed that Kerri Russell has “world class hair”, and agree she’s great in The Americans. I found Matthew Rhys’s character a bit annoying at first, but warmed over time.


Huge fan of this. Could be my favourite music documentary.

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That show has a lot of world class wigs too!

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Agreed, & I think also a different film-maker would have approached it with more of a ‘look at this freakshow’ mindset rather than a more curious & respectful approach as here. Reminds me of Phil Collins’ work (not that one) with Smiths fans Phil Collins: the world won’t listen - Carpenter Center for Visual Arts

Grace’s bday today & this is on BBC4 at 11pm


Oh I love this. Presumably the Hundred is EDM with the fireworks etc?

Do The Right Thing is on BBC 2 tonight, and presumably then on the iplayer for the next few weeks.

Probably my favourite film ever…and that’s the truth, Ruth!


Top film, Rosie Perez :heart_eyes:


How can it be 33 years since I saw this at the cinema :sleepy:


The trainers scene…


So many quotables…


All 4 series of Halt and Catch Fire are on Channel 4. Its about an early computer company.


quality viewing!

Terrific show that course corrected fairly rapidly.

Initially, the show was intended to be Mad Men for computing and tech in the 1980’s, and you can see that sort of framework throughout season 1. It was good but maybe not as original as they wanted, so they shifted gears pretty quickly, doing their own thing. As much as it was about tech, it was even more about the human element and the people involved. I would say it wound up becoming one of the more unique shows of the 2010’s. Highly recommend it to anyone.


this was a great watch :sunglasses: