Vinyl Record Musts

We have a discussion/thread about new Bandcamp releases. And i love it.

Would love to have the same for new vinyl (or even CD) releases.

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I stopped buying vinyl but I still have items in carts on just about every website. Issues as my wife calls it.

B-side probably sounds amazing in the dark of night.


You are not alone, atm i’m also mostly looking at them.

Prices are just crazy. 25 € for a 12". Without shipping.


Been buying more vinyl recently after a whole digi-only period.

Costs are admittedly ridiculous so it generally has to be vinyl only/old stuff or I’ll still be making digital a priority.

Been nice to spend time in some record stores and give some of my hard earned cash to The Eel and Tom Dubwise Vinyl amongst others.

This arrived today.

300 only vinyl release. Loving N-Gynn’s work.

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I don’t know the record, but agree with the sentiment. I’ve been trying to buy records that will last the distance. This usually means I gravitate towards dub. Endless and timeless.

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The price of new records seems pretty unsustainable to me. Nobody releasing the kind of music we make can be making much or any money out of it either. I have cut back massively on new purchases over the last two years. £30 for an album getting harder and harder to justify.


I think you mentioned something similar on another thread: there’s zero logic to my buying and owning records but it gives me pleasure in a way that digital/ streaming never does.

I mean, I’m buying 12s that I’m never going to play out. I’m a 51 yr old bedroom DJ ffs!

I buy albums when the most time I actually spend listening to music is on headphones via my phone.

The logical thing to do would be to just use Spotify!

But…. It’s that collector gene I can’t get away from. Possessing physical stuff. I’ve got a pile of books I haven’t read yet. I’ve got boxes of skateboard magazines from the 80s that I’ll never throw away. I guess I’m hoping my son will see the value in the records and I’ll pass them on at some point.


Was idly browsing through the records in Foyles a few weeks ago, who exactly are these people who consider spending £29 on a Girls Aloud album?
I totally get the inputs and cost pressures that are driving the prices up, but it does sometimes feel like scalping.
If I do buy new stuff these days, it tends be on CD. Does make me feel a lot more comfortable regarding taking chances on stuff as well.

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Yes, would love to that loud in a club

It’s a curse mate and it’s a life long affliction :joy:


I stopped buying new vinyl 2 years ago, not gonna pay the ridiculous prices.


I haven’t put a record on since last June, yet I check Juno and Vinyl Underground every day and listen to loads of sound clips. I’ll put stuff in my basket and leave it at that. There’s stuff I must buy but they are getting fewer and fewer.
A mate tells me his uncle who was a stamp collector was still buying stamps on his death bed. :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


Do you know if they ever pressed his Debbie Jacobs edit?

I looked before but couldn’t see much! Love that tune

For me it’s not really about collecting/owning anymore (I’ve still got a load of old 12"s in my parent’s loft, plus a load in mine) I like to have the vinyl for albums I like as I enjoy the whole process of putting on a record, sitting down and listening to it. I never do that with streaming which is more like background noise for me.


Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards and Joel Martin’s critically acclaimed project’s first official single under the Quiet Village name in seventeen years!


Wow! So good. Been waiting for that one since the clip Luke Una put online



Nice. Early 90’s was a stellar period for R&S Records. Worth listening to most of those early Cisco Ferreira and CJ Bolland releases.

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