Vinyl Record Musts

Looks like the Ponytail Mix is finally getting a reissue, it was the most played track on my ipod for years

£22 though. Considering I already paid £12 for a single-sided 12 with the other version on, I dunno.


Juno is having a big sale and these are the ones I would have bought if I was still buying records.


I had a very very small part in this coming out again, as I asked for it in the Be With reissue request group several years back and now it’s actually going to be released. Just have to be able to secure a copy, which won’t be that easy.

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Camargue was such a big (trance?) tune

Got the remix treatment recently…

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You can at least play records and hear the joy. What you going to do with a stamp?

But not quite 100hz

Super DJ Dimitri played Venus 92 / 93 & opened with it + MLK I have a Dream speach over the top

Thats a 1st record in your set - Go big or go home

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It’s worth following DJ Duckcomb’s Economy Class Records on Insta. He’s selling from his own collection at reasonable prices. He’s based in LA so postage could be an issue. Total :fire: selection though.

Edit: this was his last post about a killer dancehall cover of Finally. Just picked up the only U.K. 12” copy on Discogs for £6.50. Thanks for the tip!


Ooh, need to hear that!

Clip here\RC\Item:541929&track=1

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after long consideration, my best friend decided to sell his record collection - luckily he sold it to another pal of mine, who own’s daybreak records: Daybreak Records (@daybreakrecords) • Instagram photos and videos

absolutely worth a follow

probably about 6-8k pieces - the stuff he’ll be posting in the next few weeks should be amazing. based in seattle, but will (usually) ship if you reach out directly. tons of house, post punk, club classics - i can vouch for it because we grew up buying all of this stuff together.