Tunes you've been looking for for ages

Early aughts a trip-hoppy white label with a catchy saxophone was featured on the Turntablelab website, I never bought it but it kept haunting me until SIXTEEN years later I found it…


I’ve been trying to track down an early 00’s (2002?) UK white label 12” (I think it had a stamp on it). Was a UK female dancehall / rap vocal talking about ‘working the night shift’. I know all pretty vague but it also had a sample of / replay of the synth line from Missy’s work it. Had a down tempo broken beat feel. Any help appreciated.

I’ve been trying to hunt down this killer boogie style tune that starts exactly 1 min into this Henry Wu Rinse show.

He says “…sounds of the Mndsgn”, but I think he’s referring to the first track. Any ideas welcome.

The main sample, allegedly it comes off an Israeli record

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there’s a copy on discogs atm but it’s 100 and I heard it’s meant to be getting a reissue at some point.

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a female vocal singing ‘ba ba ba day dayan da da, ba ba ba day dayan da da’… probably sampled, mid 90s, mid-tempo mo’ wax kinda sound… people remember it but nobody can remember what it is?

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I want to say it’s Shirley something.

Did it also have the vocal bits from Nicole - Rock The House running through it?

Edit - I was thinking of this:

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so…this all i can remember about this track(well all that i can share on a forum anyway lol)…this track is a kinda down tempo number with a bleep to it reminiscent of the unique 3 sound et al somehow…but the only vocal i can remember is a guy rapping the line ‘we’re intelligent and saving extra’ or something along those lines…its like something smith and mighty would do…but with a bleep…it was 90,91,92 may have been 89…definitely a broken sort of bleep in it lfo style…i think it was played at raves a bit before things went nuts!

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possibly… like i say, haven’t heard it in over 20 years… it’s definitely Gilles Petersony, if that helps…

nope… it’s not house, it’s a down/mid tempo jazzy beats type track - latin type vocal

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Kitty Winter - New Morning?

Very close. Not this track but could definitely be Kitty singing/sampled on it. Thanks…

Sorry, not doing very well at this replying thing. This maybe? A Forest Mighty Black - Fresh In My Mind - YouTube

Thanks but, Moodynann was closer… It’s more raw than that…

No worries. it definitely sounds randomly familiar.

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A track David Holmes played during his set at Notting Hill Carnival in 2000, it was broadcast on Radio 1.
It samples a bit of Radiohead’s Creep at the beginning before taking a huge chunk of Grand Funk Railroad’s I Can Feel Him In The Morning, it has a mid tempo drum machine beat running underneath it.
Obviously a bootleg because of the samples.

14 years and still not been able to find out the track on this eric d mix. Track is at around 17min 50 sec mark

Listen to Eric Duncan - WPS1 DJ Sessions (2006) by Planet ZuZu on #SoundCloud

Any ideas ?

This maybe ?

hi… thank you but no. it’s not in the least bit house/disco/soul… it’s one of those mid to late 90s jazzy breaks tunes. DJ Food sort of thing.

Terri Wells’ Just Like Dreamin’ on 12”. Shouldn’t be particularly hard to find but far out they don’t make it easy.