TP Winos - How's Your Glass?

Like the Don says–in COVID-time we’ve been drinking wine more than we used to.

I had mentioned German wines on the other thread. Some recent favorites round our house have been the Envinate wines from Canary Islands/Spain. Really cool volcanic soil influences, always interesting.

Stein rieslings - incredible purity & freshness

Alpine nebbiolo from Arpepe - soft/mineral nebbiolo of great purity, incredible structure, completely different style from the more well-known Barbaresco/Barolo many of us know.

Muchada-Léclapart collab between Ale Muchada and cult champagne producer David Léclapart - amazing skin-contact palomino fino from Sanlucar. Not cheap or easy to get, but the wines are incredible.

Please share your loves/hates etc


First aftershave now wine. I flipping love this forum. Though I’ve been teetotal for two years :smiley:


I’m no expert but I can’t drink the standard tat that you get in most supermarkets, although you do pick up the odd good one now and again. I tend to go to Majestic and wander round aimlessly picking up stuff that I like the label of, my extensive research in this area has led me to the following discoveries:

This is our go to everyday red, which I thoroughly recommend, I haven’t found a better bottle at the price. It also reminds me of a certain well loved posthumous DJ everytime I crack one open!

This is our special occasion red, a bit more pricey and extremely quaffable.


I miss Buckfast Tonic Wine in a plastic bottle in the back of a taxi on the way to the venue.


”I was convinced there was a different type of drunkenness from each kind of wine.
That was the reason I got into Burgundy, because I noticed Aloxe-Corton in particular
made people laugh. Bordeaux is a bad drunk for me“ Brian Eno

sound advice for any, er, oenophiles out there

i’ll get my coat :neutral_face:

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Your recommendation is worth trying @joeblackcircles on the basis of their description alone:

“The Guv’nor is delicious proof that throwing out the rulebook can yield fantastic results.”

Clearly it’s a case of WWWD (what would Weatherall drink?).

I’ll be ordering some of that.

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Orange wines, the craft ale of 2020 and beyond?


Cheap or pricey booze is lovely.


great thread. if it wasnt for music and wine over the last 12 months, where would we be?

a mate has just set up a home delivery service. the USP is that he is a sommelier with excellent taste and excellent contacts, and he’ll find you stuff you’ll like, even if you dont actually know what you like. i think that makes sense :thinking:

please don’t ever use the word ‘quaffable’.

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Used to have a very bad habit, but now we are covid skint it’s Aldi Cotes du Rhone for us, perfectly drinkable for £5.99 (was £5.49) till a few weeks ago, their Rasteau is great for £8.99. Gotta love Aldi.


Buckstasy was an after party favourite back in the day - Buckfast with MDMA dissolved in it.


@elzorro You won’t be disappointed!

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Love aldi. This douro for £5.49 is great. The chablis they have for £13.99 is really good.



Orange wine did def seem to be the summer tipple of last year. Very drinkable in summer. But seemed to be quite decisive, ie the old wine gang turned their nose up. To add i had one of the worst hangovers known to my adult life, drinking the stuff.

Over the summer, i ended up ordering from Low intervention. Which specialises in organic/natural wine. Would recommend using. A new one on me was Pet Nat, which ferments the wine in the bottle and carbonates it slightly.


Agreed. ‘An acquired taste’ (that I haven’t yet acquired).

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triffic I’m on 'em Friday! TA!!

+1 on Germany, my dealer says: I don’t know why people ignore the Mosel region, it’s the finest stuff there is


I’ve enjoyed this Made in Mendoza Malbec during winter lockdown. It’s a rubbish name obviously but it’s a reasonable price and is very pleasant.

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That was a great session and one of the reasons we subscribed to Noble Rot. My wife jokes that at least something good has come out of Coldplay (soz Dan). Dujac is extraordinary, too bad that like much of Burgundy it’s basically billionaire juice now. The Keller GGs are amazing too but are also priced like GC burg. Luckily for the plebes they have their “von der fels” bottling which is affordable and still a peek behind the palace gates.

It’s like any hipster trend and there is this disturbing tendency towards ideological purity–ie “my wine is made without sulfur or whatever so it’s better/healthier etc”. Add to that the amorphous term “natural”–what does that even mean? De gustibus etc but not a few of the natty wines are flawed wines (to put it mildly) that paper over their issues with marketing, cute labels, and cod philosophy. Some are revelations. We love the wines of Christian Tschida. Enderle and Moll do a brilliant skin contact Muller-Thurgau. Chateau de Puy in Bordeaux has been making brilliant “natural” wines in the humble Côtes de Francs appellation for a long time. You can make great wine with natural yeasts and minimal additives and if the trend has moved the conversation in that direction than I’m all for it.

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