The Social Media Dilemma

Pretty spot-on, and reminds me of a quote by E. O. Wilson:

The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology.


Love that

If it’s any use. One way around it is to put a lense between you and ‘it’. I.e do it with a label hat on. Seems to make life a bit easier for me then I start to enjoy the community aspect of it.


It is so on point. It almost destroyed me and I’m still living with the financial/mental repercussions 30 odd years later.

Naturally, the c*nts who took me under their wings, promised the earth, used me and spat me out are multimillionaires now.

Obviously I’m not the only one.


Does anyone used Linkedin? I may well be on the job market very soon and wondering if its going to be an essential tool I need to utilise…


On there every day pretty much. You need to have good, clear cv with searchable buzzwords. Connect to everyone. Overall, specialists will find it more rewarding, easier to track vacancies down. The key is getting a few good references on there from bosses or clients. Beware scams (+ people not sharing their site) On plus side, had one head hunter come through this week. But no joy yet.


Yes, I’m pretty active on Linkedin. I have to be due to the nature of my job. As much as yes there are a lot of idiots on there patting themselves on the back, i can also say its the number one platform used by recruiters these days. so if you’re looking for a new job i’d say it would increase your chances massively having a profile on LI. Happy to give you some pointers Joe if needed, and can share your cv / profile with all my recruiter contacts if you like :+1:


Thanks guys and cheers @Huffy, might take you up on that. I will see how I get on with it :+1:t2:

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I work in recruitment Joe. Happy to give you some tips on Linked In/job seeking if it’s helpful.

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Haha FFS.

Do they get you hired



Is social media to blame for this?

She been sniffing glue or something

woohooo, locked out of Facebook, locked out of social media burner email acc. :woman_shrugging:t3: feels good


Just deleted Twitter from my phone. It was like clearing instant brain space. Love it. As my friend said all it does is give you biscuit head. I got what she meant.


as in reaching for the next one while still eating the first? That’s just following the instructions on the packet surely? :joy:



Another friend also said ‘no one ever says - I had a great day, I spent two hours on Twitter’. True that


The joy of spending hours on Linkedin just going around in circles. Seems to me you have to be very unique/specialised/connected to get noticed. If you spent years monkeying around in the media at jobs that no longer exist you’re totally invisible. I think I preferred the old days combing through the classifieds in the Evening Standard and sending letters into hyperspace. There was still the illusion that some HR was reading them…

Have you thought about retraining/complete career change? You’ve still got plenty of miles on the clock. My one career regret in the past 10 years, was that I was offered the opportunity to get some professional qualifications in my line of work in 2014, but turned it down, as it felt too much of a ballache at that point in my life.