The rare$t of the rare

It seems the ephemera of my life is worth money…

Shoom flyers, spectrum flyers, books and records.

Was surprised to see this seems to be going for a pretty penny…

This too, though it’s always been a ‘thing’

And this :grimacing:

What does one do? Cash in? Or hang on to the dust gatherers?


My Bernstein was still shrinkwrapped until last year. I’ve probably halved its value by stupidly removing it…I think I’m going move it on though if it’s worth that much.

And Melange is such a jam.

Although, what people want and what they actually get can be quite different in reality…

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In fairness that idea shop is a bit toppy.

If you’d have asked me what that melange record was worth I’d have said a bullseye.

On a mission to locate it over the next few days :money_with_wings:

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Holy grail innit.

I’m definitely more comfortable nowadays with the idea of ripping a decent file and then selling a record. Not that I’ve got anything at that holy grail level tbh.

Books. Funny one. Still sealed, would sell. Otherwise probably more likely to keep it.

Will there be an acid house / Ibiza / balearic museum one day that we can bequeath all this stuff to in our wills? Imagine someone just dumping it after you’ve gone? Or not loving it quite as much as they should? That train of thought leads me to think sell it all now and enjoy the fact you know someone else is getting pleasure from it.


This feller on FB… must’ve spent a fortune.

Check this little lot… one of the hedonism flyers went for four figures :grimacing:

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That’s just greedy. : )

Nuts isn’t it?

I can understand plonking down the money for a record or a book. The right one can mean a lot. But a flyer? How much joy is ownership of a flyer going to bring, that you can’t get from seeing images of it? To each their own, but the idea of paying much of anything for a flyer is crazy to me.



It was a lockdown / furlough thing I think… bored people with a wage coming in… auction fever etc etc

To each their own I suppose.

Now WHERE THE FUCK is my copy of Le Melange???

Weird to see this considering Marcus Mixx is homeless again right now.


Makes me wish I had gone for one of the Ku posters from @Apiento in the TP shop when they were up & fairly priced but at the time was well skint. :grimacing:

I’ve got a few ‘89 amnesia posters… jungle party / foam party stupidly ruined with blu-tak :weary:

This one’s a belter that has always been displayed since then… I think this is a generic poster they did for ‘the season’


That’s a beauty :heart_eyes:

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I’m selling more but sadly they will be more expensive as we need funds to do stuff.

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I only found out a couple of days ago that this was released under shady circumstances

pdf of the pacha book exists ?

To be fair, their clientele (fashion houses, Kanye) can afford to pay. But they’ve always been lovely whenever I’ve dealt with them. And their projects like the Yves Uro & Dave Swindells monographs have been ace. Sometimes I’ve piggybacked off their Insta to find the actual books more cheaply elsewhere.

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