The Ibiza Thread

…I’ve never been to Ibiza.

I feel like a fraud.



It always felt like an unobtainable dream as a teenager. All that talk of escalated door prices and a tenner for a bottle of Evian.


Same here. Never appealed. Give me a murky east end warehouse any day,



Feels good to offload that shameful fact


Some of us still couldn’t afford it.


I’ve never been to Ibiza. I am American.

I think the two are related.


Doesnt look like it anytime soon, funny that you can be so drawn to the culture and music of a place that youve never been too. (70-80s New York is in there too!) Luckily we have sunsets here in Devon and Cornwall too with loads of great west facing beaches - sometime its also sunny! Just need a few more decent beach bars- well ones that will let us play in them


who feels it, knows it


I’ve never been.
I remember when the Land Of Oz Tour came to Plymouth and some Torquay lads came down for it, I’d got to know them from previous nights/raves and they were telling me all about the great summer they had in Ibiza the previous summer (89) and that I should come along this summer (90), it sounded amazing! I remember the deflated feeling I had when they told me how much it cost, my £27.50 YTS wage couldn’t afford me such luxuries :frowning:


Closest I got was Datchett reservoir

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Same. In 98 when I started going out properly a good night out in London would cost me about £30 including the bus and a bottle of water. Ibiza looked great but just couldn’t afford.

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Been many times since early 90s some times 3 trips a year, flights are usually less than €80 from Dublin, the clubs I would have no interest in they lost their appeal around 1996… Club Prices are ridiculous but still a beautiful island and you will always find that special little place with the right people and music on every visit…


Neither have I, nor does it look to be in the cards for the forseeable future.

Doesn’t bother me.

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YTS posse checking in.


I think of the Hemingway now-cliche–it’s a moveable feast and you can take inspiration from the best bits and try to make something of your own. The whole Balearic spirit of ‘anything goes’ is just so appealing and it doesn’t really matter if you’ve been. I suppose what’s interesting as well and draws obsessives to 70s-80s Ibiza is that there was this creative scene spanning music, art, etc that was sort of under the radar for so long. And the fact that it flies in the face of all this nationalist retrenchment so prevalent at the moment.

Ibiza for a PNW-raised American was worlds away but I soaked up reading all I could obsessively buying Muzik & Jockey Slut from our newsstands in the 90s and dreamed away. We finally got to go in 2019 and it was fabulous. Did an airbnb in Dalt Vila and explored the whole island. There really is nothing like it. Harvey @ Pikes was a ton of fun, poolside chill with Chris Coco, getting to chat with Leo Mas…people were really lovely. We did walk through San Antonio one night coming back from the beach and it seemed for Brits what Cancun/Daytona are for Americans, right out of Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers”. As far as cost…Pikes was free and restaurants were cheaper than in Seattle, that was a surprise.


I live in Ibiza, there is so much more than clubs and expensive bottled water mate :rofl:


I was going to start an Ibiza thread but a bit slow on the uptake. I was going to ask if you are still in love with the place? Have fallen out of love? Never been? Favourite places to visit be it hotels, beaches, clubs, restaurants?

It will always have a huge place in my heart. Have been pretty much every year for the last 30 years so have so many amazing memories. I got married there and plan to live there hopefully in about 4-5 years time. It still feels as special now as it did on my first eye opening visit as a teenager.

You can completely avoid the super clubs and have a fantastic time. The Underground particularly for the Rhadoo and Barac nights and of course Mercury Rising at Pikes, Secretsundaze with the ones offs they do also at Pikes are my go to’s. I can’t remember the last time I visited a big club. Possibly an Innervisions night at Space so that is going back some. I used to enjoy Pacha before they messed about with it. Have heard some amazing DJ’s there over the years including Larry Heard, Theo Parrish, Ame, Mathew Jonson with his live set up, Osunlade, MAW. DC10 was fantastic in the early days. Villalobos, Vulcano et al. I haven’t been there for years though. Line ups and 87.4% male occupancy and divs sitting on the floor do not do it for me anymore. The magic has long gone.

We tend to stay in the beautiful and much more peaceful north of the island. We got married and stayed in a stunning villa about a mile from Santa Gertrudis. My wife pretty much organised the whole thing herself after we hired then fired a complete div of a wedding planner.

Formentera is a must visit. The beaches are breath taking. Up there with the best.

I have so many restaurants I enjoy so ask away for any tips. A trip to one of the many passion cafes for an iced latte and some pancakes is always first of my list.

Missed it so much last year. We haven’t booked anything for this year as yet as we are not insane and will wait to see how things are first.


Never been. That ship has sailed.


i was a relative latecomer but instantly fell in love. the thing you quickly realise is how easy it is to avoid the cretins (both trash and snotty end). the further north the better.

yes more of a struggle to find music these days (aside from Pikes and very occasionally Dalias) and Croatia probably is a lot closer to the og spirit but there are still bars flying the flag. Malanga and Paradise Lost in the old town.

it ain’t cheap but with a bit of military planning you can still do it. the key thing is not to mythologise anything. forget the past. it’s over. it is just another holiday destination now but the USPS the sunsets and occasional nods back to the past, some of the characters in St Joan, Salines and St Gertrudis are still good fun and still a few unspoilt calas.

SA are working hard to clean up too… one to watch for the future


I hadn’t managed to get there until 2005 and by then it felt pretty much over but I have been back fairly regularly since, mosty avoiding the lairy club scene. The north is absolutely stunning and feels like a completely different place to the south. You can absolutely go there without spending major £££, only if you dont do the clubs. It definitely does have some kind of magnetic pull to go back to it. The pine trees, the crystal waters, the stunning horizons…