The Health Kick (Inside)


Love BA.

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How did this go?

It was great for 2-3 nights but back to my usual patterns afterwards.

The elephant in the room when people talk about sleeping issues is caffeine. I didn’t understand just what effect it had on me until I gave up tea and coffee.

Caffeine is the worst drug


I’ve used H Town Hemp before, these sound good!

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In my quest for an ever more ascetic, monk-like high, I have recently knocked sweet stuff on the head. Not total irradiation of sugar, mind. I’m not that strong. It’s the same lack of self-control I have over booze that got me to this place. 4 weeks in and doing okay. Christmas season might be a challenge…


Good luck mate… I defo eat too much of it. Tried after Christmas last year, probs did a month but the middle of winter wasn’t the greatest time to try for me! Then again I barely drink, eat pretty well etc so thought what the hell - but do need to cut down.


in Feb when I turned 50 thought i’d better get a mot. got a worried call from the doc saying my blood sugars were higher than most first diagnosed with diabetes. Nothing like that to kick you up the arse. Just by cutting out the chocolate and sweets (and switching to vodka and slimline tonic when drinking at home) i lost 1 1/2 stone in about 6 weeks. 3 month blood test got a message from the doc saying ‘wow, you’ve turned it around and nearly back to normal’. 6 month blood test and i was back within normal blood sugar range and the weight has stayed off. still drink pints when out for the evening. Can honestly say, diabetes is the best thing to happen to me as I never would have sorted myself out without it. Should still maybe get some exercise, mind.


I’m in Southern California which is a kind of Wellness mecca. During covid I had a bit of a habit with booze and now in my late 30s I realized I should lay off and get a bit more exercise (it’s hard to not feel flabby in the body-image obsessed culture here). I’m definitely feeling the effects of a slowing metabolism. Meanwhile, I found a great job with fantastic benefits; the downside is they drug test which ironically torpedoes my interest in the bountiful weed here. (In the US, employers can still fire you for using weed in a weed legal state). Meditation here I come.


I’m really starting to feel my lifestyle lately. I’ve been on a plane a shade under 75 days this year and most flights are early morning/late night “red eye” and being someone who people call for seemingly everything my sleep patterns are a mess given that I manage people from Zurich to Perth.

I’ve decided to take two weeks off soon which is pretty much unheard of for me and I’m going to hit the gym and look at my diet. The Lion’s Mane mushrooms is very interesting to me as I give a lot of speeches and have been catching myself stuttering and umming and aaahing way more than I used to but my doctor says it’s just fatigue. What’s best with something like Lion’s Mane? An extract or a gummy? What else do you guys take to supplement cognitive decline?

And for sleep CBD gunnies or melatonin? What do you think works best?


Melatonin has been much better than cbd for me when it comes to sleep. Not that I’ve needed assistance lately; waking up is my issue right now! But when fatigue has been jet lag related, melatonin has been super helpful.

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I’ve done quite a bit of research into lions mane now. An extract is the best option (other than eating the fresh mushrooms), but as with all of these things, not all extracts are created equal. Most are not worth the money tbh, certainly here in the UK.

The best I’ve come across is Host Defence, a US based company.

Not cheap, but defo the real deal.

My Dad has been taking these for a couple of months now. Once I move house, I will be growing my own for the both of us.


We’ve got a couple of huge tubs of US Sleep Aid which is brilliant. Personally speaking CBD gives me a great night’s sleep, so I’m quite interested in the CBD/CBN/Melatonin gummies I posted up thread

And how has it been doing for him?

I swear by the tumeric and ginger tea, I rotate it with Matcha and hibiscus/mint tea - all with great anti-oxidant/inflammatory benefits.

I was a bit horrified a few years ago with a photo someone took of me jumping off a bridge into a lake and started thinking more about diet. Now I weigh stuff like rice and pasta rather than eyeballing and inevitably overeating. That way you can reduce the quantities over time as well. Switching to a more plant based diet has certainly helped. With regards to alcohol I’ve upped the spend and reduced the quantity with a move to wine. When I go back to England I’m now on halves to my old mates’ pints - I just can’t consume that much liquid anymore!

This guy is a gold mine of health and diet info -, some of it is too specific but searching on particular topics and his general videos (and books I’m sure) are a gold mine - I’m a kale and beetroot convert :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hard to say so far. It’s really something to be doing before you get dementia/AD, but thought it was a pretty risk free option of doing something. I read up on a few Japanese studies with elderly folk with cognitive issues, but not yet dementia, that were pretty impressive. The dosages were higher, which is why I’ll eventually grow my own.

3 or 4 these and it’s lights out…


i know i start everything with “living here in the PNW” but

living here in the PNW really good weed has been cheap and plentiful my whole life and i started in on it early, especially being that drinking culture in the 80’s really put me off. portland/seattle/vancouver all had solid under-21 clubs that didn’t serve alcohol, and i was initiated by smoking the discreet bowl prior to.

now that i’m old i don’t do the THC nearly as much as i used to but my point is MAN it can really alter your sleep and dream deal. for years when i smoked day & night i’d run into situations where i had to travel or whatever and couldn’t smoke - and the dreams were VIVID - basically so vivid that they’d become nightmares, even if they weren’t anxiety driven. i absolutely had many nights where i’d smoke just to stave off the unlovable dreams that were certain to come without it.

i’m mostly beyond that now, but i know more than a few people who i suspect smoke weed compulsively to avoid shitty, harrowing dreams. as adults, we wake up and say “shit that sucked!” and move on with our day - but those intense dreams kind of color your whole mood and day, and i don’t really blame anyone who tries to tamp them down.

it all levels out, of course. eventually after a week or so my brain just fell back into a “hmm, weird dream about a shoe and a cat” type deal but for a while - shit’s intense.


My wife and I are on week 5 of no/low carbs and no sugar. Coincided with us getting Covid right on the day we started our new diet, so it was hard to tell if it was withdrawing from sugar or the Covid that was making us feel shit. In a way, it worked out for the best, as there were no cravings to contend with. Once you realise there are so many things you can eat on a Keto (Cheato) related diet, it gets easy to not want the foods you used to gorge on. We have both noticed a big difference in how our clothes fit and general movement etc. It’s best to avoid the scales and just stick to your guns. You tend to eat less, as it’s sugars and carbs that make you feel like you want a second portion. Can recommend.