The Grace Jones thread

Any TP heads going to the Halifax concert at Piece Hall this Saturday?

I’ll be heading over on my own due to a last min change of plans so thought I’d see if anyone from the forum was there!

Also seems like a good excuse to start a thread of great Grace vids :slight_smile:


a great one


Deffo my fave

Forever associated with Emmanuelle Seigneur in Frantic sigh

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Have booked tickets for grace jones at Crystal Palace this July. Never seen her live before so looking forward to it.

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Same! Been a minute since I’ve seen it but the song captured the feeling so well.

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Me too. Last saw her years back- 2009(?) at Somerset House
She paused a few times to take medicine- the kind taken nasally, that builds self confidence. It worked.

Went to the Primal Scream /Jesus & Mary Chain gig there last year, a couple of us far more excited about the latter.
As I ordered yet another round at some pub, friends started badgering me that we should get to the gig, to not miss the start. I arrogantly dismissed them, with an immortal line that now haunts me, and a bet was struck. We missed the first 15 minutes of TJMC.

I’m regularly reminded I lost a bet, and need to get a tattoo ( my first) that reads:
“What sort of cunt would put The Jesus & Mary Chain on at 7pm?”
“Bobby Gillespie”


I was at that Grace Jones gig at Somerset House, didn’t realise it was that long ago but you are right. She was definitely nipping backstage a lot. Seem to remember her having a hat covered in mirrors and there were lasers bouncing off it

How was the Halifax gig?

It was amazing Andy. As I was attending solo it was a great opportunity to get right near the front.
I have to say she was absolutely fantastic and it was so surreal seeing an icon like that up so close.

Great setlist, wonderful costumes and head gear, backing band were very good (I think her son was on percussion), but most of all I was blown away by her voice. Absolutely amazing given she’s now 77. She went a bit off the rails on a couple but she really doesn’t seem to give a fuck and played up to it. Made for great entertainment. The band had no encore planned so she came back out and sang some short versions of La Vie En Rose and Ive Seen That Face before a capella. Dreamland. Then she deepthroated the mic LOL!

All in all just so happy to have seen her. I was supposed to watch her at Bluedot last year but couldnt make it due to the weather and I worried she wouldn’t tour again.


Sounds brilliant! I was hoping to go but couldn’t make it and will be on holiday for the London show. Gutted to miss her this year as her show at the Festival Hall in 2022 was superb.

Yes I had friends at Meltdown and ever since they reported back on how wonderful it was I’ve been on a mission to see her before she hangs up the mic!

I was thinking after the gig that she really is an original - bringing music, fashion, and art together all in a mad, unique package - no one quite like her. :sparkling_heart:


Saw her at Sonar years ago, she was headlining I think and was nearly an hour late coming on. At some point she bought an audience member up on stage as she helped them up you could hear her on the mic say, ‘dont touch the hat!’


I was there on Saturday but I totally missed your original post about meeting up. Glad you had a great time anyway.

She was amazing! Still sounds incredible and a real force of nature. Cannot believe she is 77. Long may she continue to perform!


She played a new track too that sounded good. Hoping an album is on its way.

Nice one @RichardBerry ! Glad you enjoyed too. Yes the new track was a jam!

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