The best produced album you've heard

So i’ve treated myself to a half decent DAP the fiio m11 and teamed it up with some Shure Aonic 5 earphones and had a thought to ask the members on this ace forum what album/s they loved in regards to how good they sound production wise?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


More of a tracks than albums discussion but some good suggestions in this thread from last year:


Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden

John Abercrombie - Timeless

Production on both of these feels super spacious… like they’re building you a sonic cave to hang out in for the duration of the album.


Not sure about best produced but Cross by Justice is one of the most dynamic albums that comes to mind

Anything by Trevor Horn!
Yello. My personal favourite 1980 - 1985 the New Mix in One Go. Just stunning

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The half speed mastered version of this beauty sounds amazing:


this won stereo review’s album of the year (or something, i don’t remember) and sounds terrific.

plus, it’s just a really good album.


Nine Inch Nails ‘The Fragile’

We had this on this morning… Haven’t heard it in years

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