Sonically Genius Records…

I’m talking about your favourite sounding records from a production perspective. Those records where the engineer / producer just totally nailed it. These for example.

Willie Colon - pure Loft vibes that sounds incredible when played flipping loud.

Art of Noise - I mean what can you say. This and ‘Violet’ by Seal are amongst Trevor Horns finest production moments for me though actually there’s tons more to chose from. They nailed the sonics at ZTT.

Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express - I think this might have become my favourite record from a production perspective. The congas just pop like crazy and there’s these mad synth sounds that just cut through like crazy. Just warm and good from start to finish.

‘Private Life’ by Grace Jones - just plain sonic gold.


I’m sure I’m pretty much tone deaf so the sonic genius usually gets overtaken by how tunes make me feel. However this is one that always just sounds like it’s been made by someone who really, really knows what they’re doing.

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KajaGooGoo - Too Shy (Midnight Mix) sounds sonically special to my ears.




I know it’s obvious as hell but this still blows my mind, and I can’t even explain why:

I love the stories about how lots of people thought the record was warped when they first played it…


Not much to add really!


This is what I first thought of when I saw the thread!

This sounds incredible, I’m not sure if it’s the original recording or the remastering of it that makes it sound so good, but it’s like the drums are in the room with you.

One of the best sounding pieces of vinyl I have.

…and this sounds incredible on a decent system, Diego Herrera coming through like a turbocharged YMO.

I think the guy that mixed Speakerboxx does a lot of their stuff. Which makes sense.

Ah yeah - The Colour Of Spring also. Sonically (well and musically) it’s incredible.


ZTT yes.
Welcome to the Pleasuredome Fruitness mix. What a journey and incredible sonics.
Likewise, Slave Hot Blooded mix, Propaganda Dream Within a Dream.
I don’t actually care for AON, the aforementioned stand head and shoulders above imho.

There are a lot of good ones already mentioned but one pop song that comes to mind is Madonna’s La Isla Bonita, the mix and production are impeccable.

On a different tip, anything Moritz Von Oswald puts his hand to.

In terms of current producers I think Jan Shulte is up there.

Also Quiet Village, their remixes are always on another level, the remixes comp CD they released is sonic gold. Would love to know which engineer/studio they use, top drawer. VSATHOG Manzanera remix on LN-CC (what happened to them?) is also a sonic masterpiece.

For clarity, I’m not talking about tracks that sound amazing over a club system, I’m talking about very high end studio monitors in a well treated room, could go on and on, this is one of my favourite topics :grinning::+1:


This is one of the best sounding 12"s in my collection


Was never something I thought about until a friend sat me down and played Aja on his amazing system. Really did seem like you were in the room with them, so much ‘space’. Opened my ears.


Im trying La Isla Bonito in the studio. :smiley:

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You won’t regret :+1:

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What I recently noticed about La Isla Bonita is that every now and then it drops a two beat bar, which does mean that it goes out of phase when mixing…