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Any Spanish music recommendations? Any style. You have the Gipsy Kings of course and Paco De Lucia but apart from that I dont know much about it.

I am in interested in Spanish Folk Music which I guess is mainly Flamenco but maybe there are more styles.

I came across this tune I like but I dont know anything about it sounds like it has an African influence.

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This is one of my favorite Paco performances - obviously Paco is a giant on the guitar, but equally important and grand was the singer. Camaron had a way of expressing himself that was both revolutionary & magnificent.

I’d also recommend checking out Paco Cepero - slightly before de Lucia, I think. Very well-respected & capable guitarist. Paco de Lucia you listen to when you want to be dazzled by him. Paco Cepero for accompanying the great cantaores.

This one I got from Leo Mas and play quite often…


One of the best live bands I’ve seen, absolutely electric.


I like Holed Coin the remixes and productions are great… LIVE in the right surroundings could be nice

This track was up there with my favourites last year

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Thanks yeah that is cool, great voice. Ill check out Cepero.

Thanks all good stuff so far.

Not this.

I’ve always enjoyed this one issued by Music From Memory.


Great name by the way @SuenoMargate

Reminds me that I got a little refreshed the other week and bought the web domain for

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Just need to get down there and build it now.


Haha. Margate is where its happening.

I have never been there myself.


Me neither!


Always loved Le Mans as well - cool Basque group with kind of a Stereolab vibe.


Thats nice.

Some favourites here:

I would say just look to AndalucĂ­a for the gold, I remember going to markets in Seville with friends and watching them dig out crazy ass dusty af records every week like clockwork.

There is also a scene that is combining elements of Spanish Folk & Flamenco with modern breaks/bass/electronic music.


There’s the Spanish Bizarro series, very amusing and couple of gypsy rhumba comps + likewise lists on discogs.

These are great - what a lovely cover of Oum Kulthum’s “Enta Omri”

Thanks, some interesting stuff, I live in Andalucia but cant find much Spanish live music, apparently the best Flamenco is with the Gypsies in caves somewhere but it is difficult to know about these places.

Check out Jordi Savall. From Catalonia (where I live), so he probably wouldn’t appreciate me calling him Spanish. He’s a musician, musicologist, musical director, academic. Lots of medieval stuff, African influenced projects, folk music, choral music, classical, balkan music, Japanese Spanish fusion projects… loads of unusual ancient instruments. His catalog of stuff he’s involved in is almost overwhelming and quite intimidating… but you’ll find some stuff you’d never heard and its all recorded exquisitely.

Also, if you’re into Gypsy stuff, check this out. It’s not Spanish, it’s Hungarian, but so absolutely amazing that its worth posting: