Small Claims Court

Chris Abrahams from The Necks is currently in the room next to me being interviewed. I plan on bailing him up when he walks past to heap praise on him, as I’m a fan of all that he does. Stay tuned for updates.

Edit - what a lovely lovely guy! They say don’t meet your heroes, but this time the saying was proved incorrect. Got to chat about the time the Necks played an underground salt mine in Krakow, the influence his music had on me as a teenage kid living in a boring rural town and more.


When I was 17 I went to my cousin’s (an actor) birthday party and the first person I was introduced to when I went in the front door was Nicole Kidman. She was making herself a strawberry daquiri and proceeded to make me one. I got quite drunk that night and chewed her boyfriend of the time’s ear off with a million questions and statements about how cool Top Gun was, etc. etc. The boyfriend (I’m sure you can guess who it was) took it pretty well and completely humoured a clueless, starstruck teenage me. Quite embarrassing in hindsight.


Was in Manchrster city centre earlier, going down a quiet back street, saw a bit of a commotion with a group of people (mainly blokes) surrounding someone, walking past I realised it was Russell Crowe signing lots of fully grown men’s Gladiator toys and artwork
They were like flies on sh1t as someone walking past remarked.
Credit to him he seemed to be signing everyone’s stuff


Sade Small Claims Update….

You may recall my earlier Sade post: my father in law’s security/alarm company had Sade as a customer in the 90s.

He told me another story yesterday. some of the work they were doing was related to her studio at her (then) house in Islington. As part of the project she asked them to contract via the electrician she used. After it was completed, the electrician owed them a lot of money and refused to pay. Eventually he had to go to Sade, very embarrassed, and say her sparky wasn’t going to pay him. She said don’t worry, he will come and pay you on Monday.
On Monday the spark turned up WITH BOTH HANDS IN PLASTER!!! Very sheepish and apologetic and paid in full.
Don’t fuck with the Smooth Operator!!



I studied at the university next to her house and it was common knowledge the the bottom half of the studio windows were obscured so Sade had some privacy. Could or couldn’t be true but I admire her all the more for it