Show Us Your Records aka Through The Keyhole

I have just been really going at my records on a mission to sort them all out. Seems to be a case of refine, refine, reorder reorder, sell a few etc. But I’m nearly there. Anyway… Here’s most of mine. There’s more spread around the house.


This is all of mine. Top three rows on the left is for sale on Discogs. The bottom half is albums and the 12’s are under the decks


Nice! Is the stuff about the decks current listening?

Indeed, did you spot the Mario Rui Silva? Really enjoying it :ok_hand:

I did! Are you enjoying it? I think it’s superb.

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Do you use the Mackie mixer for mixdowns of your tunes or just for having multiple instruments plugged in at same time? I feel like I should try to do a mix on it but I would need lots more outputs from the computer.

If thats to me… Yes its for the studio work. I’ve set up like a 90s recording studio. Live fx through a desk etc. It’s fun. Tbh I normally have another desk but I blew it up one morning the other week and then managed to electrocute myself with a metal screwdriver (really really dunce thing to do) so thats being fixed but yeah its for the studio.


Stuck mine on here before, but now with my new (to me) Beovox S50’s in the living space.


Beautiful looking speakers.

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The sound’s even better - bought them blind/deaf so was apprehensive until they arrived.

Really warm and deep.



Our spare/junk room. Got a DJ set up in here but not been used in so long that it really does need dusting off. There are records all over the place in this room.


Really lovely set up Scott. Did you build the units yourself for the decks and mixer etc?

Yes @Joe - was fortunate that my bro-in-law worked for a joiners and operated in CAD. I measured it up to my exact spec, which was nice as the heights just right.

When I moved from a house into a flat I decided that the IKEA units had to go, as they’re shit/no stable. So we got joiner round to build the side units around the central part.

Only cost me £300 for the whole lot. Who you know, not what…


I would take photos of mine if it was a bit more tidy. I wash every day but my music room is a bit too busy with stuff…


Some of my current player 7’s.



are those Fyne F302 speakers? I bought a pair in April and am loving them!

Yes they are, I know next to nothing about Hifi equipment so went with reviews I’d read online and I am also loving mine

In desperate need of a speaker upgrade. This is all that is left of what was a 6,000 record collection. I reckon another 60% of these will go over the next 12 months.


Wow you’ve had a proper clean out. Hope you’re doing something good with the cash.