Show us your Design/Art

Thought it would be good to have a design thread to share info, tips, fonts and share your latest work.

Here’s something I created for Richard Norris (The Grid, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve) that will be coming out soon on his Group Mind label. A new track featuring London-based, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, multimedia performer, producer, composer and DJ Bishi Bhattacharya ( founder of WITCiH - The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub, a platform to increase the visibility women at the intersection of music, creative technology).

The original collage artwork was created by hand cutting and pasting found images from mainly vintage books - you can see more of my artwork on instagram at Universal Collage


There’s some great stuff on your instagram!

Here’s something I’ve just finished, it is a hand done collage with posca paint pen on top.

I also have an instagram with some more of my work here.


These both look great. Collage is something I’ve never really done but has so much appeal. I follow quite a few collage artists on Instagram. Check user ventralisgolden - I love his stuff…and cosmiccollage and sophiemoates - both of whom I like. I do my own art too…and recently picked up screenprinting again after a 25 year break but whether it’s “good” is debatable :slight_smile:


Some of mine


dope! you got an instagram for your art?

No, not really…but I just started following you from my personal account (gkmach1ne)…you have some nice stuff up there (and I see ventralisgolden is already following you)

Ventralisgolden is great, I came across him through the work he does for Multi Culti

These are great, how are you doing them?

Thanks. Various apps: Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Pixelmator…but I draw stuff too sometimes and scan it…especially text that I don’t want to look like a font

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Here’s a piece I did for Ali OOFT for his release on Clandestino last year.
Very much into minimal and swiss graphic design, hence the use of space and typography.
Create a few bits for Paper Recordings in Manchester also.


Last job I had running a surf mag, designing, writing, art directing… well it was just me really :slight_smile:
Musical connection? Ray Barbee playing in one of the shots… :wink:


WAAAAAGGGHHH all this shit is AMAZINNG.!.. !!!..great stuff

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Recent personal project I’ve been working on. Ideally going to be riso printed when it’s finished.


Here are some more hand cut and pasted collages I made. I started creating in earnest 4 years ago and have found it really meditative and a lot of fun. I’ve made around 1500 works in that time - the last 12 months saw me slow down a lot but it was a welcomed break after 3 years of frenzied activity.


These are super nice.

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These are great, I’ve just realised I’m following you on Instagram!

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What is your insta? I’d like to follow…

it’s @universalcollage

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These are designs I created for Richard Norris’s Abstractions series from last year, some of the best ambient releases of 2020. I’ve been working on some upcoming releases he has in the can at present,
all which will come out monthly throughout 2021.


These are some Peanuts x Pop mashups I drew last year. Will be making some more soon.