Record shops you have known and loved

Always gold to be found here. Or, at least there was - I havent been in over 5 years.


When Really Good Records in Plymouth was based in the original shop on North Hill (near the university), it looked like this. The lack of any real filing or organisation used to encourage hours of digging though. The second site, in the bus station, was very spacious and well laid out, but it wasn’t quite the same.


It’s down the road from where I live now but I have never been. Always mean to check it out but mainly find myself in digital rabbit holes nowadays as opposed to crate digging. Must give it a try.

I once went well out of my way to visit Alan’s. It was closed that day🤦‍♂️

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Great shop, though like you I don’t think I’ve been for around five years or maybe more.

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I loved the NO DEALERS sign above the jazz. Didn’t he chuck Gilles Peterson out once?

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Always stuff here. Alan is an absolutely lovely guy to boot.

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Where it all began for me…great shop, still gems to be found in the current spot too.

Found it overpriced and had nothing much of interest when I went. Although I had been pre-warned the owner was a dick on DJH. We got the comment ‘those two are just inside to keep out of the rain and won’t buy anything’

Had to restrain my mate who was ready to go and punch him.

The copy of ‘life’s what you make it’, (ironically?) sits in the rack at what is still over the discogs median with two other copies I found for pennies.


I live close by too and it’s well worth a visit. Always some interesting finds

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Went in there the other day, it was exactly the same except it’s now run by cool indie kids.


lovely man! RIP George


Is that the shop by the station with all the soundtracks?


This looks like an interesting project

Oh I don’t know Martin Price from 808 could give Moon a run for his money.

Could be a proper arse when he felt like it.

I actually got a smile out of MB not long ago - which was quite a nice feeling :smiling_face:

I once got him dancing!


Does anyone here remember a shop in the Arndale called ‘Compact’ in the early 90’s selling nothing but CD’s?

Owned and run by Andy Connell of (then) A Certain Ratio and (later) Swing Out Sister.

Genuinely lovely fella.

We need evidence :rofl:

It was at a night called Naive Melody at Charlie’s in Manchester in 2007 - actually the last night before the smoking ban came in. It became known as “the night Moonboots danced”. Sadly no photographic evidence exists.