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if i was a “big data” guy, i think i could prove that the psychedelic furs employed the word “stupid” in their lyrics at a disproportionately higher rate than any other band of it’s era.

after someone asked me today if i was going to the upcoming de la soul/nas/wu-tang clan show, i appeared uninterested. when asked, i determined:

“in the first 10 years of hip hop they couldn’t make a record that sounded as good as the party, and in the last 30 years of hip hop, they can’t make a party that sounds as good as the record”


if music is like flavors, then bjork is like horseradish. delicious at the right time, but i wouldn’t make a meal out of it. and i certainly can’t eat it every day.


you don’t really hear much scratching in new hip hop tracks. i’m ok with that.

feels like we overdosed on scratch culture in the 90s.

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one of the weirder experiences of being a long-term record collector is pulling out something you haven’t played in a really long time and finding a hair on it that’s so obviously darker than anything you can currently grow.


There should be a radio station just for dentists
(Yes I’ve just been to the dentist)

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my childhood dentist was super enthused when he found out i liked jazz, and excitedly recommended album after album from spyro gyra.

i think this tracks with your dentist radio programming suggestion.

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based on the pop music history of the last century or so, i really thought i would have run into a number of more dynamic-but-emotionally-challenged gals named “gloria”. turns out it’s more likely just a fun “name” to sing.

or, maybe - all gals named “gloria” are worth singing about, unlike others.

there’s surprisingly few songs about the popular girl’s names of my generation. i can’t name a single great pop song about “jennifer” or “kristen”.

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Jennifer - Faust
Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
Jennifer Eccles - The Hollies
Jenny and the Ess Dog - Steve Malkmus
Jenifa Taught Me - De La Soul
Jennifer Ever - Smashing Pumpkins
Jenny (867-5309) - Tommy Tutone
Jennifer Smiles - Lynden David Hall


Song for whoever - beautiful south
Jenny was a freind of mine - Killers
Kristen - China Crisis

lloyd cole - jennifer she said

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Jenny from the block? :joy:

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Willie Nelson just turned 91 making him the oldest musician from the Western world still touring. A cursory online search revealed these are the 10 eldest survivors from the ‘old school’ (unless they missed anyone out?)

*I thought Yoko Ono might be at the top but excluded I guess for no longer touring


Why is Track 2 always the banger?

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Reminded me of the old groupies joke…
What’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re giving Willlie Nelson a blowjob?

“I’m not really Willie Nelson…”