Random discogs item roulette

sign into discogs, and from your profile, go to your collections. now hit random item. whatever it is, post the link and tell me a lil’ about it. i’m interested in the random records in your collection.

but keep it honest! trust the roulette. i’ll do a few, please add more. like this:


bleh. i pretty much hate NIN. i was just the right age for “down in it” - it had tuff beats and 808 drops and was kind of fun in a self-deprecating way. by the time the second single came out i was starting to get suspicious. and then this came out: i also pretty much hate queen too, but this was a weird lightning strike where the cover “get down make love” was better than the original, even if the band covering it was swerving into myopic humorless territory. anyway, i bought this record a long time ago and never got rid of it. if someone offered me a good trade for it, i’d probably take it.

spin the roulette wheel!


i’ll be honest, i probably played this a couple of times, but i don’t really remember it. i probably played the pepe braddock mix (that dude is pretty awesome) but like i said - i probably got this record as a promo and used it for filler. maybe i’ll unearth it and see if it aged well.

one more!


i actually listened to this one recently and it aged better than i thought. there was something a lil’ difficult about this era of juan atkins - i don’t know if the swing was a little much or if it just felt like it needed a few more minutes in the oven, but i just couldn’t mesh it in with whatever else i was trying to play at the time. maybe i didn’t try hard enough.


apparently i have time for a couple more.


lovely album, though i haven’t listened to it for a really long time. i had a backup copy that i sold for like $80 a few years ago and couldn’t believe my financial windfall. look at it now! i still contend the only playable orbital singles were the early ones, everything else sounded a lil too “dad stereo” for the dancefloor, but i certainly tried to bang the hell out of a few singles on this record. loved the record after this too, but never played anything off of it in a club environment.



never played this out. i likely just own this because it’s a stet record, and the others are good. but yeah, i couldn’t tell you what this sounds like unless i pulled it out and double-checked. probably a fair amount of these in my collection.

one more!

lol, i fuckin’ love the black sheep. that first record and the singles from it? as good as it got - fuckin’ filthy but in a lovable, comical way. and then once in a while they’d get real poignant and you’d be like yeah, no shit. the second record wasn’t as light-hearted (but maybe a little less misogynistic?) than the first, but it still had great beats and of course i bought the singles along with the LP. dres might be the most stylish MC of the era.



some of that weird ambient country that i do love so dearly. never thought that i’d love this stuff, but yeah - like the rest of us i picked up on the faux southern soundscapes of “chill out” and realized that there’s a whole notion of trucker isolation and lonely radio and middle-america static that exists in so much of our brains that it was a genre before it could possibly be a genre. the sound of fatigue on a road trip and just trying to spin the dial and tuning in AM radio preachers, some fuzzy pedal steel, and fitting it in to the liminal spaces of interstate america as you go.



Purchased on release, I bought this, as with most comps, so that i didn’t have to take the original copies out to parties. Peanut Butter, Nyce & Slo, Get It Up For Love. Great comp really



Mine will be a bit skewed as I don’t have all my collection in there, I started by putting in records I thought might be valuable. I had a bit of an obsession with rabbit in the moon and have most of their stuff. Think I payed £9.99 for this from vinyl exchange in Manchester, maybe early 2000s. I actually listened to my rip of it a few months ago and I still think it’s a great remix package


I thought of doing this, I have a lot dross so no cheating. Ninety percent of my records are £1 finds at the bootsale but I’ll try and recall if it was bought online or in a shop. Too much stuff comes in to listen to this stuff beyond the intial needle drops. Discogs is great as I can review my collection in retrospec and streamline.

Much better than the discogs rating if you like Philly sounds, I do. Going to be a £1 job, I don’t pick these up anymore unless its 20p.


I think my roulette bets have landed well, I’m going to quit when ahead for a few days. Bought from Andy Skank at Northampton record fair and he has another I think…

Once worked with a guy in a multinational automotive company who used rip them off for every penny as a contractor, we appointed this as his anthem. He got caught in the end and now drives a Tesco van.



I can’t find the ‘random’ button?! Is it on the phone app?

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It’s next to the ‘Search collection’ engine.


Like Graeme, I only have a small part of my records in Discogs - tends to be the recent buys. This is a cracker. I saw Kuniyuki live at Convenanza and he left a strong impression, resulting in me tracking this one down.

I love Hoga Nord and this one’s a small, but perfectly formed nugget of goodness. A big tall guy once smiled at me knowingly in Panorama Bar. I always wonder if it wasn’t Matthias, the Hoga Nord owner, as I was wearing a HN teeshirt. I will never know. But I always keep an eye peeled for their new releases. A good pal brought this 7" and a bunch of others from Edinburgh to me in France. As way of thanks, I got him a Patrick Cowley t shirt from Phonica (and I got a Make Jamaica Acid Again Tshirt). Sadly they never got delivered. When I was in Phonica a couple of years later I asked them about it. I think they thought I was a chancer.

Once I entered the Sotofett universe I was hooked. Wonky electroid catnip! I don’t remember where I got this, maybe Bordello a Parigi (which would explain why my memory is hazy) - but I’ve previously darted around various Uk record shops hunting down his stuff.


Good idea.


My immediate thought was; it goes for HOW much?! Bought this when it came out an it definitely took me a while to fully ‘get it’. Total classique ofc.


Lucky spin


Unlikely 50p find at my local charity shop a few years ago. It’s this sort of exteremly rare occurrence that keeps me digging, lol. Played it to great effect at my mate’s 50th later that year.





Regularly gets a spin, fits any mood. Bought mainly for the damont pressing and the lacquer was cut at the town house.



Bought 6 years ago in a secondhand record and Head shop in Camborne, Cornwall.
Run by a hippy brummie called Art. Great shop.

Not the best AP album, i’ve got an instrumentals lp which i prefer but realise isn’t listed in my collection so i’ll do that now.



Magnificent album, really great vampy Classic Coltrane Quartet tunes, band at their best, and used to be a dollar bin find in the states, or pretty close to it. Fantastic album, might just listen to it again today.



Not sure I even remember buying this, I quite liked the song at the time but it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I’d ever buy either.


Nice bit of female vocal funk, I think this was probably a Juno purchase when I was going through a phase of buying a load of deep funk stuff.

Either one from my dads record collection or a charity shop find, haven’t listened to it for years. Great record cover.

Deep Tech House stuff, I think this was a promo recieved when i was running a house podcast called Elektrotherapy around that time. I don’t remember playing it much if at all but listening now, it’s actually pretty decent.

Bought on Discogs for ‘Gettin’ It On (In The Sunshine)', which I heard Mr. Scruff starting a set with years ago.

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This I haven’t heard in a long long time, but it’s pretty nice, even if it doesn’t quite live up to the band’s potential. Arthur Blythe who was very much in the avant garde kind of mindset plays some traditional jazz tunes with a fantastic group of chicago musicians who also were big in the free jazz realm. The band on this record is phenomenal, really really heavyweight - Stanley Cowell on piano, and Fred Hopkins (b) and Steve McCall (d) who were 2/3 of maybe the greatest free jazz trio of all time called Air. Weird that the album is not as great as the sum of its parts but it’s still worth it for what people seem to charge for it.

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Better than the Joy Division original imo



Only have part of my 7" collection listed on Discogs. Bought this off the back of the Mark Seven Mystery Mix (I think) back in the earlier DJH days. Killer tune.



I had/have this track on a compliation tape i’d made back in 1990, I used to tape the 2 weekly Rap shows that were on the local Manchester stations back then, Leaky Fresh’s ‘Out To Distress Rap Show’ on Sunset 102 and Stu Allen’s ‘Bus’ Dis’ on Key 103, I then put my faves off the various tapes I had onto one tape at the end of the year, so it’s on there with the likes of ‘Gas Face’, ‘Welcome To The Terrordome’ ‘Humpty Dance’ 'Let The Rhythm Hit ‘em’ and others.

For years I just listened to it on the tape, finally got a copy of the 12 a few years ago.

D Nice was part of the BDP crew and was apparently present when Scott La Rock was killed, last I heard he was a DJ who played big celebrity parties/events in the States