Paris Recommendations – Tips & Places To Go

Will be there Fri - Sun for the CL final next weekend. I’m staying central not too far from Oberkampf which I’ve heard good things about. Not been there for a long time though so any recommendations would be welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dizonord for some record shopping.


Lots of good, affordable food around this area.

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Also …

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Cheers mate, not far from where I’m staying :+1:

Lived in Paris from '99 until '07 and get back fairly regularly with work.

Did this little tour when I was back a few weeks ago:

Started off at Bastille metro via a couple of record shops on Rue des Taillandiers - Techno Import and Syncrophone Records. Also lots of nice bars and restaurants on Rue de Charonne. Newish audiophile bar Frequence round the corner was shut but looks pretty decent from what I’ve seen online. Had a wander round to Heartbeat Vinyl. Then had a longish walk up to Betino’s Records and another audophile bar across the road called Bambino which is pretty cool and open late at weekends. Didn’t make it up to Listen Records and BigWax Records which are in Oberkampf area. Lots of decent bars and restaurants up here.

A few other spots worth checking:

Superfly Records - a really good shop well worth a visit
Rue de Bretagne/Rue Charlot - cool area North of the Marais
Marche des Enfants Rouge - ace streetfood market in above area - really good
Abbesses - follow the road down from the touristy Place du Tertre at Sacre Couer via Rue Ravignan for an authentic taste of non touristy Paris


Pic from Bambino:


Few places from last time i was there -

Superfly records is an amazing spot.

Cafe du coin - 9 rue Camille Desmoulins Paris, France
great little spot for food & wine when i went a few months ago

Racine - 8 , Passage de Panoramas Paris, France
Slightly pricier but in a great alleyway full of other small restaurants and bars - good vibe!

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If you skate there’s a few streets like this


Go to Boule’s stall - Geminicricket - in the flea market. He got the goods!

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Is that real? Wowsers those Frenchies know how to live eh.

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Yeah. Few scattered around. Makes sense and no one gets in for trouble, there’s mobile ones that pop up in Plaza around France

Guess there’s a reason they coined the term ‘Joie de vivre’ we could do with a large dose of that here.

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Do they say pain au chocolat or chocolatine in Paris?

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Chocolat I think…

Just back from a great weekend in Paris - the shambles around the football notwithstanding…

We spent most of our time in Montmartre/Pigalle area where there are loads of cool bars and restaurants. We had a lovely meal here restaurant Paris (

Most record shops were closed on Monday when I wanted to go digging but I can thoroughly recommend Betinos and Welcome on HEARTBEAT Vinyl which were open and drained my bank balance :smiley:

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Stayed in the 9th not far from Gare Du Nord

Local were:-
Walrus - Cool bar & record shop. Had a singer on the evening I popped in, lots of film & french music ( plus a the Fall section!)
Collectible Vintage Records - small 2nd hand, nothing remarkable but nice browse
Ground Zero - Not open Sunday or Monday but when walked past looked a nice mix of vinyly & stereo gear
Few more near Anvers Metro I didnt get round to

FNAC in the Les Halles centre had a great large section, like a Tower / HMV should be in this day & age

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Very little Reggae / Dub compared to UK shops, is that as UK has big Jamaica link which France doesnt?

Going for 7 nights in July, accommodation tips most welcome!

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We’re back in May for a few nights for a gig… Hopefully things calm down a bit by then…

Heading there for a few days in August, open to suggestions too, haven’t been in ages!

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