Paris Recommendations – Tips & Places To Go

Not properly been for a few years but a lot of cool stuff around Oberkampf

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Here’s a pretty definitive food list for those that like to get on the chew!


Chez George (classic bistro)
Le Bistro Paul Bert (classic)
l’Ami Louis - roasts chicken and frites in super old room
Re coq rico - roast chicken
La baratin (favorite bistro)
Le Severo - steak frites
Au Pied de Cochon - 24hrs
Chez la Vieille - old school/ Daniel rose
Bistro Allard - like stepping back into time
Chez Dumonet - one of the great classic bistros in Paris
Bouillon Chartier

Le Comptoir - yves Camdebore Spot. Great vibe
Dersou - Taku’s Spot, great for weekend brunch
Brutos (steak) chicken and chips, Brazilian vibes
Le Chateubriand - institution
Racines - pasta
Faggio- Pizza
Le Servan - from the levha sisters, asian influence
Les Arlots - bistro, sausage and mash
Verjus - Hans joint
Septime - bistronomy French
Passerini - modern Italian
L’ami Jean - heavy rich dishes in pub atmosphere
Vivant - modern setting, clean dishes

L’escallier du bistro (seafood + oysters)
Clamato (seafood sister restaurant of Septime)
Huitrerie Regis - best place for oysters
Rech - Alain Ducasse old school seafood brasserie
Le Baron Rouge - great place for oysters next to the Aligre Marche
Mary Celeste - good cocktails and drinks with oysters and also snacks

La Pointe du groine (charcuterie, beer wine spot nice location) Breton Bar with food
YARD Cave - Clovis’s spot and where Svante works
Clown Bar - Classic Spot in the 11th with good food
Le verre vole (original natural wine bar)
L’avant comptoir de la mer - seafood and wine bar
Le Deux Amis - amazing room and spot to drink in the 11th
Le Cave septime - Sister Cave to Septime
Le Dauphine - Le chateaubriand Wine Bar
La Buvette (natural wine)
La Cave a Michel
Chez Ammad
Le cave de belville

Saturne - Modern fine dinning
Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athene
Yannick Alleno at Pavilion Ledoyen
L’ambroise - legendary chef and place and super expensive
L’Arpege - best for lunch must hit if you haven’t been
L’astrance - legendary spot
La tour D’argent - duck a la presse
Guy Savoy
Le Bristol - 3 star hotel dinning in grand room
Clarence - Young chef in grand room dinning who’s on the rise
L’Atelier de Robuchon - one of the places with really great food and cooking and worth it
Maison Sota- Ex chef that put clown bar on the map. First place as owner generating huge buzz atm

Au pain et dees idees (escargot pistache and croissant. One of the best bakeries in Paris)
Eric Kayser - Baguettes
Zerda Cafe - Cous cous
Mokonuts - for lunch bookings essential
Breizh Café - Crepes
Bob’s Kitchen (healthy breakfast and lunch)
Hollybelly - American breakfast
Ten Belles for Coffee and Bakery
Bo&Mie Cafe - great all arounder
Hotel grand amour
Boot cafe - famous on the gram
Café Oberkampf
Fringe Coffee
La Fontaine de Belleville
Pierre Herme - macaroons
Alain Ducasse Chocolate Manufacture
Jacques Genin - chocolates

CAM - Esu’s
La Tour De Bellville (shaved noodles)
Ravioli de Nord’est (dumplings)
Best Tofu - Esu’s favorite
Wally Fay Senegalese Restaurant
Lao Siam - south East Asian
Angela’s Banh mi
Cheval d’or - newly opened, modern asian
Phở Tài - Pho
Double Dragon - modern Asian
Ngoc Xyuen- Best viet in Paris
Thieng Heng - banh mi next to Tang Frere
Hero - korean fried chicken
Au pied de mouton - lamb skewers
Maison Verot - Boucherie with amazing terrines, pate, pickles, charcuterie
La Creamerie - great cheese shop in the 10th

Frenchie to go - American Vibe Cafe
Miznon - Tel Aviv pita shop :100:
L’as du falafel - Falafal Sando
Chez Aline (sandwich shop the best)
Ufra Durum (Kurdish kebab shop )
Five Guys - Great burger for a burger fix
Burgers and Fries - solid Cali style burgers

Red House (dive bar)
Hotel Grand Amour
Little red door
Le Syndicat
Chez Prune
Lulu White
Le Trois 8 - craft beer
Frequence - audiophile bar
Bambino - audiophile bar
Rosa Bonheur - in the summer
Castor Club - cocktails and rnb
Le cuves de fauve - beer bar with food
Outland - out of the way but great beer bar
Le Mary Celeste - cocktails and oysters
Candelaria - cocktail bar and tacos
Le Pechoir - roof top bar
Dirty Dick - tiki bar
Le Lavomatic - speak easy behind a laundry mat
Le sherry butt - cocktails


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