Oooh you smell nice!

Any fragheads or olfactory nerds in?

What fragrance flicks your switch? Are you a big 80s powerhouse (see’ Kouros’) fan, or do you prefer the more subtle approach?

I’m big into fougeres, and I’m an absolute sucker for that gentlemanly barbershop type smell. Current favourite is Tom Ford - Beau De Jour. Smooth lavender and spices.

I’m also digging the Comme Des Garcons range, and looking forward to investigating their collab with Stüssy.

What are you wearing?


Classic Kenzo here

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I’ve been trying various fragrances from the Haeckels range over the last couple of years.

Their prices are a bit punchy but you can buy testers. Very subtle and unique.


Can’t believe this thread has appeared. Have got right into the world of fragrance during lockdown. Was always into them but in an uneducated fashion, now have read Chandler Burr books and Luca Turin ‘Secret of scent’ and its fascinating. When you can’t wear your best clobber out, what can you wear that makes you happy. Fragrance. Am working up to a solid collection of Tom Ford Private and Signatures. On about 10 so far. Nice work OP!


I rarely wear a scent these days, but if I do, its usually a splash of this for maximum Nenuco Balearic vibes…


I’ve been sampling them too. Really liked Pegwell.

What’s your favourite Tom Ford @mfjason?

I have the ‘Secret of Scent’ too. Utterly mind boggling stuff when you get into the chemistry and how our noses perceive smell etc.

I’ve also got Luca Turin’s ‘Perfumes The Guide A-Z’. It’s a fun read if only to see Luca Turin rip your favourite scent(s) to shreds. Having said that he gave ‘New York Intense’ by Parfums De Nicolai 5/5. I had to investigate based on this alone:

“New York Intense’s exquisite balance between resinous orange, powdery vanilla, and salubrious woods shimmers from moment to moment, always comfortable but never slack, always present but never loud. It is one of the greatest masculines ever, and probably the one I would save if the house burned down.”​​​​​

It really is lovely.

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That’s an absolute beaut too for the price :smiley:

1912…good things are meant to last. What’s good is finding the ones u used to wear years ago, are all redone with new faces like Jonny Depp doing Au Savage, one I wore in the 80s.
Theres a Ford Vert De Fleur I got, which brought to mind a secondary school art teacher from 87, literally hadn’t thought of her for 30 years, but this scent, this green floral was just exactly her, Art teacher, flouncy garb and flamboyant, so wierd it was like she was in the room again, a scent of its times redone.


Love the original Pour Homme.


Must seek out that Turin book, its mentioned in Emporer of Scent… Right now I’m alternating between lots of Fords, but Vert D’encens is the best, like being in my favourite kind of deep forest, wet and mossy, but shining with verdant scent.

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Heavenly too


Great choices. Those bottles seem to ooze class too.

Indeed. Tropical

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Musgo Real Agua de Colonia Oak Moss Claus Porto


Geo. F Trumper.

At present, as it’s winter, Eucris.


That’s another 1912 scent. Two on first page. Says something

Issey Miyake for years now, before that Comme Des Garcons.

Although a few years ago I was in Debenhams with a mate browsing the Fragrances and I saw one by Ferrari reduced to a just about give away price, my mate said “who the hell comes in and buys Ferrari Eau de Toilett”, I grabbed it for a laugh and said “me”. Went to the counter, paid, and went home happy with my new purchase.
A few weeks latter there is a new bottle of Issey Miyake on my dinning table and my wife is like “there a new bottle of Miyaki, you can stop wearing that awful Ferrari now”


Perfumer H is worth checking out, esp with Lyn Harris there.

I got Tobacco and Charcoal. Would definitely recommend.

Will send you samples, if you send an email or call.

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never leave home without it