On Yer Bike - The Cycling Thread

Is this what you said when you parents gave you your first bike? Not everything needs to be converted into some sort of adult misery metric. Some people ride bikes for fun, leave em to it.


Freedom and fun are definitely #1, but I love the idea that you can get somewhere while getting fitter too. No either/or here.
(And just to add, if more people ride bikes, of absolutely any kind, that’s a really good thing)


I ride a fixed gear bike. I like beating myself up :joy:

(I’m 55 next week and my knees are absolutely shot to pieces)


I built up a fixed gear from an old frame from the tip many years ago. Had the most wonderful forty mile ride around Bedford through the country side. No water bottle or cage, no phone, no money, no strava or trip computer, probably no puncture kit. It was a hot day too, get home or perish…

Around 68 inches 165 cranks it just rolled along, no particular hardship apart from a tough spinfest downhill after Shuttleworth perhaps.


I used to love watching fixies riding around London through the traffic. No gears, no brakes, no helmet, no cares.

As I used to observe to myself from my Brompton.


I have a single speed dirt jump bike, but i have a real fear of crashing a fixed gear bike due to how many pedal strikes i get on my existing bikes (why are bottom brackets so fucking low these days?!)

What’s the ideology behind the fixed gear thing? Is it just that with less parts to break you have a more bombproof bike that you can just pick up and use?

Cos i applied that logic to a freeride bike i built up about ten years ago, super short cage dura ace mech, limited range cassette and after spending my whole teenage years putting XT rear mechs into my spokes and destroying wheels, mechs, frames etc… it was nice to have not even one problem with that build. Some guy tried to steal it from me, but then accidentally paid for it twice (long and stupid story)

The thought of the cranks spinning super fast scares me, ngl.


Have you thought of track taster session? Great thing to push you out of your comfort zone. You sound like you would enjoy a longer and less entry level session, once you have had a few kickbacks you will go with it, your legs won’t fall off.

Did some flying sprints from the top of Manchester banking, all good fun, there for four hours as things were less in demand then, ‘early’ cycling.

165 cranks and a track frame on the road will be set up to deal with any angle, pedal strike on my manky ‘racer, maybe 531’ frame never happened so it depends. Oh, I had a front brake so felt safe enough.

You do improve your pedalling effeciency, talking clipped in here. 90-100 rpm 18-20 mph, not a huge effort if in fair shape.

The simplicity is a thing yes. Old track frame, front brake, Shimano large flange track hubs with some deep rims, 1/8 inch chain, sugino front chainset, top quality BB, just about there. Condor make fixed/free frame or two…got me thinking edit, I had some Miche hubs, great…


So, part of the appeal of the fixed gear bikes is that they are similar to the velodrome track bikes then? I had not considered that connection before.

I am a bad person to suggest any activity to, cos i will generally give it a crack. Though it looks like the closest velodrome open day to me in in glasgow. I’ll see if i can talk some of my friends over there into chumming me along to it and report back.

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I did think if you were happy to jump in the air then the track fear wouldn’t be an issue.
I’ve given every cycle disipline a go, not always excelled but had some fun doing it.

I used to commute on a fixed gear and my sole aim most days was to complete the journey without stopping, so anticipating traffic lights, accounting for speed of traffic etc.

A great feeling. I love that there are moments riding fixed that you’re actually not doing that much, you can relax to an extent in the rotation of the cranks, almost like free wheel…

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Have been riding a Cube Hyde Pro (hybrid type commuter) for ages and just ordered a Trek gravel bike through works C2W scheme. Looking forward to further trails and paths, which we have loads of round here!


Had an afternoon in Amsterdam post work so hired a bike ( Ive done before)
We all know NL is v bike centric but such a good way to get around & saw all central city

Good fun ringing bell when ‘tourists’ are walking down roads you can cycle on

I only locked it up & then lost it for a while once


I have four or five bikes to sell. Four of them suit a 5ft 3" woman, all will be in great order, I build up my own stuff and build wheels etc.
My personal Cannondale SuperSix I won’t use, could do without the ebay timewasters/scammers etc.
Anyone sold many bikes recently?
I have 9 here, don’t need them all.



Sorry, just saw this, thought of your post…


Which model? I fancy a gravel bike!

It’s a Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 AXS


Nice! I’ve been looking at the Cube Nuroad FE 2024. I must be getting older, I’m liking the utilitarian vibe of the rack, mudguards and kick stand! :rofl:

space is an issue where I live and we’re on the 6th floor with not the biggest communal lift. There has been talk of getting cheap bikes as the city rental bikes are not always easy to find or park in some areas. Are foldup bikes worth it? feels like the better ones all go for top dollar - this is strictly for casual urban rides to parks, shops etc nothing too ambitious

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Check out Birdy bikes, they are pretty good and not Brompton prices

EDIT. Well it seems that prices for bikes have gone through the roof! They never used to be so expensive!

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