On Yer Bike - The Cycling Thread

How many on here are regular cyclists? Probably went 30 years without riding a bike (gave it up after getting a driving licence in my teens), but took it up again around 10 years ago. After finally getting rid of my car in late 2015 when I finally realised that owning one in London was more hassle and expense than it was worth, my Specialised Cirrus hybrid bike is now my primary form of transport. Can be a bit hair raising at times in Central London, but it is my usual way of travelling to work. Far prefer it to the grind, discomfort and stress of a bus or tube in the morning and evening.


Been cycling 10 miles into the west end and back most days for the last 15 years. Despite being knocked off a couple of times (dozy drivers, unaware school kids) it’s still the only way to crowbar some exercise into a busy working family life. I’ve just had my Canondale in for service and overhaul for last 2 weeks and I can feel the brain fogging up. The exercise keeps me sane and… thanks to Wim, I’ve learnt to love the freezing winter rides too.


I never drove so I’ve been cycling all my life…



Probably the least amount of cycling at the moment but…done every kind from a short daily commute to organized racing on and off road. I took it up when I was 19 as just a year of booze and the odd friends spliff had started to ruin me.

It’s mostly just a 6 mile run to keep some fitness now. I’m more of a gifted runner fitness wise and results wise in a race.

I live in one the most deprived city areas in the country so cycling round here for transport is for the poor rather than a health and mindset choice.


Love cycling as much as Waltham Forest hates cars, so it kind of works out alright.

I used to commute by fixed gear. Still have it, nice Cinelli. Just have two bikes (Cinelli Gazetta and a carbon Orbea road bike) now down from seven at the height of my madness (a track bike, a Cinelli Mash fixed, a carbon road bike, a single speed 26" wheel parts bin special, an On One 29er, a vintage Moto Becane 10 speed racing bike and a hardtail MTB)

Don’t ride as often as I once did, but still love riding fixed gear.


Two years ago, my cousin convinced me into buying his road bike, it was the best decision ever. Currently I have cycled for 7600km this year. BTW I am currently based in Ohrid, on a beautiful lake and cycling here is a dream.


When I worked in London I went everywhere on my little Brompton, not just commuting but to meetings etc, just the best way to get free exercise. Nowadays I need to make an excuse as I rarely need to leave the house, but I still love that feeling of speed + freedom that only a bike gives you.


I grew up biking quite a bit, long distance, racing, mountain, etc. Wife did not. A friend runs a used shop and he sorted us out during Covid. She’s gotten more comfortable and we’ve been doing longer rides. Seattle is a glorious urban environment to bike around in.


Never bothered with driving so cycle everywhere. I have an office job sitting down most of the day so its a good way to get exercise


Nice to see that there’s other people here who have never bothered with driving.

I’ve been a fair weather cyclist this year although I’ve still fit in some great rides. I had a look at cycling in Ireland the other day. Just getting ideas for a tour next year. It will be my first visit. Maybe somewhere between 3 and 5 days.

If anyone’s cycled there or has any tips, let me know.

yesss! I dont drive so always bike as much as possible. Biking and eating less bread is my diet. I just roll a chromed out flip-flop (free wheel because to scared to ride fixed) beater with skinny bars and It seams to work. Wifey says I should ride something more grown up, so I’m just gonna get a front cargo rack and keep rolling haha.

During lockdown we went halves on a Christiana e-mod with our neighbour. It’s super handy, but I’m always paranoid of taking up the whole lane.