Old Time Cinema

I’ve just started getting into watching old films rather than TV…

Just watched Long Hot Summer with Paul Newman, Joanna Woodward, Orson Welles and co. Top film. iPlayer has loads of great films…


Used to watch loads growing up

Laurel & Hardy, the Dirty Harrys, Some like it hot, anything with peter sellers or michael caine (not the jaws one)

one I think that got overlooked was treasure of the sierra madre (bogart at his baddest)


a couple old classics I never tire of -


Oh yeah, hitchcock too. Love north by northwest


Epic solo night out last weekend watching Apocalypse Now at Prince Charles Cinema. Piece of wonky choc suited the vibe perfectly. Amazing experience on the big screen.

Everyman also showing more and more old movies. One benefit of the writer strike/lack of new movies.


Ealing for me. Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lady Killers, The Lavender Hill Mob etc.

Plus the old Norman Wisdom films. Laurel and Hardy. All magic. :ok_hand:


years ago we caught “auntie mame” on tv while visitng my parents for the holidays. since then we watch it as a “christmas movie” even though it’s not really specifically seasonal.

the characters are delightful, the sets are amazing, and the performances are completely over the top in that old timey sort of way.


OMG LOVE Auntie Mame - brilliant one. “Actually sort of a fishberry jam…” lol


Yeah I’ve been doing the same for a while now. Recent classics include the wild bunch and sunset boulevard…
There are so many good noirs (all of jules dassin )
This peppers films to watch throughout and james Elroy is very entertaining https://youtu.be/0j6PDOV65ng?si=Z2Mxt_oj8vr6J5Rn


The Third Man - fantastic acting, script and score. Orson Welles has a some classic scenes.

The Apartment- Jack Lemmon and Shirley McClaine in a dark but sweet comedy. “Shut up and deal” - possibly best last line in a movie.

I’m a sucker for the old noirs also - The Big Sleep and The Maltese Falcon has Bogie spitting out caustic one liners on a regular basis.


Deffo need to rewatch the big sleep. Plot seemed too complicated before

Anything Hitchcock is always worth rewatching.


Ha, even those involved in the movie didn’t know what was going on. The director John Huston had to ask Raymond Chandler who wrote the book why a certain character dies, and Chandler couldn’t give him a proper explanation.

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Spellbound is awesome, with the Dalí dream sequence

Build My Gallows High (also known as Out of the Past in the US) with Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas is top of my film noir list. Think that might be on Iplayer… it’s a classic, ticks every noir box

Edit: sadly not on Iplayer or anywhere streamable

In a Lonely Place with Bogart and Gloria Graham sits not far behind… stylish and intense Hollywood based drama

Les Diaboliques and The Wages of Fear by French director Clouzot are a couple of cracking thrillers, edge of the seat stuff with twists galore


Rear Window is a banger


North by Northwest set the template for the modern action film surely?


It was a bit like that for us during lockdown, staring at the same people around the neighbouring blocks night after night. Nothing too grizzly though

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Love Ealing, The Maggie is another great one

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Titfield Thunderbolt too.

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