New York - What’s Good?

In the city tomorrow for work and have a couple of hours to mooch about before the tedium of a working dinner.

Any hidden gems pop up? Haven’t been there since 2020.

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There’s a cracking Irish Bar just off Broadway


Just off the main square?

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Ask for Micky o’Shea

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Hit up A1 Records and Academy, pretty much the last survivors in Manhattan - pretty sure they could use the business!

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Strong plug for the new location of superior elevation as well if you have time to go to brooklyn and yes EVERYTHING here needs the business. Show us some love by prioritizing businesses run by actual humans instead of big chains. More and more I can walk through large swaths of Manhattan and mostly find the same businesses you’d find in a suburban mini mall and it’s fucking sad.


Didn’t do as much record shopping as I would have liked last time I was there but time spent in Human Head was rewarding.

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I’m headed to A1 now and then I’ll head over to SE. it’s on Grand Street now?

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Got absolutely caught up in the $5 disco records at Academy. They sure add up quickly.

Off to the Irish bar now. Pumped.


:rofl: enjoy!

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Here’s the haul. Some records that feel wrong not to buy in NY.

David Joseph - You can’t hide
Dolette McDonald - xtra Special
Made in USA - s/t
Bombers LP
Ann-Margaret - everybody needs somebody sometimes
Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the heart - Invaders of the heart
Jago - I’m going to go
Key of dreams - Africa
Dajae - U Got me up
Carlos Sanchez Movement - Grace EP
Joe Claussell - Raw Tones
Joe Claussell - Unofficial edits and overdubs
Kongos - I’m dreaming
The System - You’re In My System - Kerri Chandler vocal
Lady Wray - Piece of me
Diego & Kaidi - A So We Gwarn
Wee - you can fly on my aero plane
Alister - Starlight
Phillip Wright - keep her happy
Jeffrecloose EP
Kikrokos - Jungle DJ
Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite
Goody Goody
Groove Committee - Just Play the music
DOP - Oh Yeah! - murk remixes
Theo Parrish - American intelligence
Shriekback - My SPine
Charles Maurice disco EP on EDR

Not bad New York, not bad.


I’m living vicariously an I’m still loving it. Sounds like a very positive time.

It’s funny how different the two stores’ approach is. A-1, chaotic, records all dusty, overstock in the aisles but attracts a huge cross section of the village. Lots of incredibly attractive Japanese and Korean women buying Regisford-style house interestingly. Superior Elevation was like this as well when they were at their old location.

Academy was all records that had been cleaned and graded and also seemed to have its own specific type of crowd. Records were ordered and even in the bins they were all alphabetically ordered.


Exactly my experience too.

Oh and I found the guys at Academy to be super nice but the guys at A-1 were a little too cool for their own good.