New Vinyl release - pledge needed

Hope this is OK to post :slight_smile:

I have decided to dip my toes into the choppy vinyl waters once again, but we need your help. For our next release we have decided to go via the crowdfund route due to the expensive nature of record production. We have a beautiful EP consisting of tracks that we feel deserve to be pressed onto vinyl :slight_smile: Two west coast producers Marshall Watson & Cole Odin come together on the ‘Just A Daydream Away’ EP, each delivering two unique original tracks comprised of chugging psychedelia, folky rock elements and sun dappled balearica. Remixes come in the form of Hardway Bros. whose refit channels an early nineties indie-dance rework, coming across like a classic lost Screamadelica track. The second remix from Joe Morris leans into the psychedelia, delivering an acid soaked sunrise experience. If you would like this amazing release on vinyl please place a pledge at the link below and help us reach our goal. The crowdfund campaign will run for 30 days. The RRP is set at bare minimum, there is little to no profit being made, we just want a chance to put the music on vinyl. Any help sharing the campaign to hype the release would be most appreciated. Thanks x


It’s a solid release Joe. Genuinely think yours is the standout version on it. I’ll happily pledge to buy a copy of the record but in terms of hyping it, could @Pauleast77 and @Apiento get a review onto TP?

Thanks buddy

A little review would be awesome. Happy to drop you the files @Pauleast77 if you’d like to say a few words :slight_smile:

Pledged! Feels nice to be involved in a small way to make it a physical reality - tracks sounding great too!

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Awesome, thanks matey :crossed_fingers:t3:

Yep, great release Joe. Pledged too.

We got picked as the no.1 dance / electronic 12" presale with Qrates. Little review here


Pledged - and I don’t even use vinyl any more! :wink:

Legend. Thanks mate :pray:t2:

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I know the vinyl landscape has changed a lot and they were through labels man, but I own Bahia and Jacaranda on vinyl, and they’re a couple of records that I’m extremely happy to own. I wish you all the luck in the world on this man, music like yours should be on anything you want it to be (more selfishly, mine too!). Sad that’s easier said than done with some things, now more than ever.


Wonderful review of the record by the ever reliable Dr Rob


At the halfway point and we’ve received 51/100 pledges so far. Thanks to everyone that has supported :pray:t2:. Reportings coming in its been getting regular spins in Ibiza which is lovely to hear. Still time to make a pledge :slight_smile:


Joe does the vinyl purchase also include digital files?

It does mate yes

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So, we did it. Much love to everyone that supported this hair brained scheme :slight_smile: Vinyl will ship late August I beleive

We have made the full release available on Bandcamp today if anyone wants to cop the digital


Nice one Joe.

I’ve pledged for the record. Can I get the digital files now?

I beleive they are made available when the campaign ends which is today. Let me know if you dont receive them and I will send them over.


Hey joe- any updates? Guess things got delayed

Thanks. I’d actually totally forgotten about this!

Hi guys. Yes sorry about the delay, we were told it would be shipped 25/9 but then got held up. I’m told it should be in transit within the next week or so