New Radio Station Loose Needs DJs

@ufstylus who is a regular here on the board has just put up a post saying about a new radio station. I thought it was worth highlighting a bit better so hit him up on the messenger here if it sounds like a bit of you.

"I am launching a station at an HQ in N1, aiming to be on air by end of the month. I’ve built the studio, got the feed, now need to fill a schedule.

It’s called LOOSE.

More details coming soon (no site up yet) but it’s an “anything goes, loose vibes” affair taking that early house/balearic/disco/as long as you can dance to it approach.

Are there any heads here on this forum who would like to do a show? Can be either in the studio or pre-recorded, though I’d prefer the former at the start.

If so, hit me up :v: and watch this space"

So get in touch with @ufstylus aka Mark by clicking on his name there :point_left:.


Wow, that’s amazing, thanks @Apiento.

I’m jumping the gun a bit (as I say, no site up yet but it’s in the works) as this escalated quickly, but the short story is:

  • I’m starting an online music station called Loose

  • You’ll find us at, but not quite yet - aiming for end of August

  • Music “policy”, if you can call it that, is “loose”… We’re inspired by the eclecticism of early house, early disco, Loft parties, the balearic scene and crate digging. The idea is to take that idea and play music from all eras, from today to back in the day, for the dance. Loose vibes, Loose genres, Loose grooves.

  • It’s based in a design studio in East London (where I also work) - my partners and I have wanted to do this for years and do something for the scene. The pandemic has reminded us that time can be tight. We’ve built the studio, got the stream ready and have just got to put the two together…

  • We aim to fund it with an idea we’ve had for helping online radio stations make money to (at least) cover their costs without having to resort to advertising. If we can succeed in that, it may mean that online radio needn’t be a money pit for people who run them. Could also mean DJs and musicians can actually get paid. However, that part is a looooong way off. We’ve decided to just go all in on the station.

  • We need DJs! Either live from the studio in Hoxton or pre-recorded. In time, if I can master mountpoints, we can do it remotely from wherever you want to play.

  • If you’re up for it, or you want to find out more, then hit me up either here @ufstylus or email

Thanks for listening. :crossed_fingers:


Hello, I’ve been a bit busy of late and not able to contribute here much. The Loose studio is nearly ready, we’re going live on Sept 23rd and we’re dead excited/nervous/overworked. Got some Test Pressing forum folk playing some shows, and loads of other good stuff coming up. Here’s a picture of the studio…

And here’s another call for any forum members/readers who might want a show on… We play whatever we want, so long as it’s loose, groovy, vibey. No straight up genre shows, just music how we like it. If you’re interested, hit me up in the DMs or inbox

You can do a guest mix, a regular slot, morning, noon or night, evenings, weekends, live in the studio, or pre-record your stuff and we’ll program it in the schedule. We’re all ears. :v:


Loose is about to go live… first up at 3pm, yours truly (wasn’t supposed to be this way but we had a gap to fill). Later today, I’m delighted to say, we’ve got some other forum heads who I will let identify themselves if they wish to, I don’t want to put people in the spotlight without their permission.

I’d now like to keep this thread on topic by saying we are still very open to proposals from DJs and selectors of all shapes, sizes and sounds.

See you on the other side :crossed_fingers:


just tuned in… no managers at work today!


Listening now. Lovely stuff


Tuning in now. :+1:


I’ve got a guest mix on at 22.00. I’m in Ibiza right now but just waiting for my toddler to go to sleep (not very glamorous) so tuned in.


Congrats to you all. Glad its moving - good luck with your shows and stuff… @ufstylus - get all the djs those templates so they can get it on their socials : )

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Thanks @Apiento . Do you mean send a template so they can do their own posts, or provide them with the assets we make? If it’s the former, what’s the standard file type? Like, how is it usually done? I’m trying to streamline everything where possible… it’s day one, it’s going pretty smoothly but blimey it’s full on.

I’ll DM you…

Having a listen here in São Paulo. Good luck!


Enjoying the show lots @don_milano :ok_hand:


Thanks. Was good doing it live in the station. If you get a chance I recommend going in. Great setup, there’s even a fridge for beer etc.


Wicked stuff G. Stepping out bro. :pray:


Any forum heads got any emergency 2 hour mixes in their back pocket they’d like to hear on tomorrow night?

Got a gap in the schedule due to a last minute fall-through… you good people are my first point of call! If so, please DM me! Thanks.


I just want to thank the forum members who helped out and came through for me yesterday. I really appreciate it, and it cements this place as the friendliest forum of amazing music on the web.

It also turned today into a bumper Test Pressing forum line-up on after I moved some things around. You can check it out from 4pm (after Maggy’s)

I’d also like to take the opportunity again to call out my search for DJs to do lives and pre-records! Not only do lives take less time and sound amazing on air, having a back-pocket of quality pre-records, it turns out, is a useful thing to have when you get in a fix!

So if anyone wants to get on, hit me up… and thanks again to the heroes. :v:


PS the page looks really nice, nice branding


My wife said the same

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Really enjoyed the shows last night, excellent stuff all round :smiley:

Looking forward to getting in the studio myself tonight - 8 - 10 if anyone fancies dipping in