Naples Recommendations – Tips & Places To Go

Hey folks
Off to Naples next week, any tips welcome. Going with the kids so more interested in food/bars/sights/records than clubs (you never know though)*

*Also I’m 51 and in bed by 10 most nights

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Look for “beach clubs” over there. When I was in Puglia for a wedding, they were virtually everywhere, each one next to the other, like bars on a street, except they are beaches with umbrellas and beach chairs, etc and some can be relatively child friendly (we traveled with our 4 yr old).

The DJ was pretty great too. Each one seems to have like a resident DJ.

Not sure if Napoli will be the same but worth some online digging.

And most of them are open day and night.

Have fun.


Should get you in the mood for some food. Well jell. Enjoy!


Cheers! Are watching as many of those as we can, including Jamie Oliver and Travel Man. Salivating!

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I really liked Naples. Just walking around the old town and the Spanish Quarter is great. The volcanic rock the place is built on is soft, and there are extensive catacombs dug into it - plus the usual cathedrals and museums on the surface.

Also take a trip north out of the centre to Real Bosco Di Capodimonte - lovely park and art museum in an old palace. And it goes without saying you should include Pompeii and Herculaneum in your trip. The latter is amazing - it was drowned in mud rather than burnt to a crisp - and still has wooden structures intact, posters on the walls, etc.


Would love to go to Naples, enjoy.

The beach clubs sound good, thanks for that tip. I’m going to Puglia in the summer, with 2 kids.

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They are expensive! One of the downsides, but several of them have great programming. I have a good friend who played there last year, I’ll try and ask him for specific recommendations.

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Highly recommend reading the Naples Trilogy /My Brilliant Friend books by Elena Ferrante, and watching the hbo series. Essentially a street view history of life in the city. That and listening to lots of Nu Guinea sets

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Incase you haven’t seen it


I guess I probably won’t try too hard to find the beach clubs. Good thing about Puglia is the food is great and usually affordable. If I was 20 years old and with mates I might just buy a bottle of water and dance, but with a family of 4 going out becomes very expensive as most rounds are on me. I’ll just continue buying Italian records and listen in my garden, it’s pretty sunny in London today.

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My friend Laani that does the Worldwide breakfast show and plays lovely music just sent me this as my son is going to Naples next week. She moved to Naples to see out the lockdowns. Thought it good to post here…

Napoli tips:


these are for me the best pizzerias: (keep in mind that there are a lot of amazing ones).

  • MICHELE ai tribunali
  • 50 kalò
  • concettina ai tre santi

good trattoria (homemade grandma food)

THINGS TO TRY IN NAPOLI (Still food yes!!!)

  • pasta al RAGù (tomato sauce cooked for many hours)
  • pasta with patate
  • pasta e vongole
  • sfogliatella (amazing sweet)
  • babbà (another amazing sweet)

sighteeing - cultural spots:

  • chiesa di santa chiara

  • cappella di san severo(where there is the “cristo velato” and amazing piece of art)

  • napoli sotterranea(naples has another city underneath, and napoli sotterranea is all about visiting that underground part of naples.

  • mann napoli|museo archeologico nazionale di napoli

  • museo di Capodimonte

relax / chill spots / daytime:

-MARECHIARO. if you manage to reach marechiaro (maybe with a bus or with some friends of mine that can pick u up), then you just have to take a little boat that costs 5 euros and the old man will bring you to one of the 3 beaches located on his path. usually i select the last option which is “aqua minerale”. its a free beach where you can find natural swimming pools (basically calm sea in the middle of the rocks) or just launch yourself into the sea. just make sure to bring some plastic shoes because if you are not used to rocks then it might hurt your feet.

you can also rent a KAJAK somewhere around - get in touch with the people from KAJAKNAPOLI to know where to rent it: Kayak Napoli

  • Parco Virgiliano. its a great spot for chilling but maybe its not worth it if you dont have a car. at the same time if you are in the mood to spend some nice time working on the laptop with your hotspot and sit into a natural spot, then its the right place for you. its basically a park

places where to drink / evening time:


FUTURIBILE RECORD STORE you find a good selection of italo disco, neapolitan stuff and reissues).its more of a normal record store but worth to go.


its a hidden spot (maybe not much hidden anymore after we spread a bit the verb.
he doesnt have a store but just stays all mornings in a small alley of “via monteoliveto” close to “piazza del gesu”. should be close to where you are based. its in the historic center.
he opens at 9 in the morning until 13:30.


Yes to

  • chiesa di santa chiara (one of the few places where you can see a Caravaggio in the place it was painted for. just stunning)
  • cappella di san severo (unbelievable artistry)
    Both allow you to get a close-up experience with some amazing art for a few euros and done in 20 mins

I think Zizaziz and The Obscure Music Club might be from Naples (or possibly Milan). I really like the look of their parties.