Music journalism and sites you frequent. Oh and hello!

Hello all, long time-lurker stepping out from the darkness! I’m the Sheffield-based artist ‘Yarni’.
I’ve been observing lots and lots of people talking about the future of music journalism and what comes next, which made me wonder what peoples thoughts were?

I’m a daily-checker of TP, Aquarium Drunkard, Ban Ban Ton Ton, Fond/Sound which all provide me with great insight but what else are people following along with?

I dont believe we’re doomed I just think the new generation will displace it into a different context…


I follow a few sites (listed below) with Reeder for Mac. It’s like a never ending digital magazine. Looks great on desktop and iPad.

Inverted Audio has been my fave for a while. Great for eclectic modern sounds.

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I’ll admit to not following anything closely these days. However, in a sort of random way, I look at, which essentially collects reviews from various places and does a very naughty thing with a few file lockers. But as a peephole onto the wide range of music out there I find it kind of fascinating.

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Think we covered something similar in this thread which may be of use


There was also something kinda related in this weeks First Floor Substack

Welcome. Really enjoyed your Boro album.

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Was about to say the same
Anyway, me too!

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This looks like a great idea! I’m a Mac user so I’m gonna give that a go, thanks!

Nice, having a look now!

Cheers this is great!

Hi Chris, thank you! Old Luke Una did a great job of introducing that one to a wider audience! Guess that’s where you found it?!

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Thank you!

I should add that, if you decide to investigate the naughty file lockers, you should have all shields up and phasers set to stun. They have a nasty habit of attempting to open an unwanted window to the left of your desired window. With my dedication to scientific inquiry and innate hacking disposition, I have discovered that a quick mouse move and click to the appropriate spot will close that window before it loads. I suspect any video gamers will find this a piece of cake.

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Ha ha yes it was Luke.

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