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Watched Beastie Boys Story on appletv the other night… Mike D, Ad-Rock telling the story, directed by Spike Jonze. I felt it was cheesy in a U S of A kinda way but loved the archive imagery from when the trio skipped school right up to MCA’s passing. Great soundtrack as you’d expect.
Anyone got other music doc recommendations that might have passed me by. All genres welcome :pray:t2:


If you like your electronic music this is good


Cheers… will seek out

There is a documentary called Milford Graves Full Mantis which is quite extraordinary. Sort of experimental spiritual Kung fu drummer using the rhythms of the body and beyond. I really enjoyed it. It’s on Amazon Prime


The Beastie Boys was watchable, but agree a bit of a cheesefest. Not a patch on the book, the audio book is worth a listen too, especially with all the guest readers.

Not seen this yet, Detroit techno doc

The sound of belgium doc


There was a Teddy Pendergress doc on the bbc last year. Was awesome.

There was a style council one on sky arts that was pretty good too.

And a few years ago I watched one called Mr Dynamite on James Brown. That was really good.


Cheers… will have a looksy🥋🪘

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Beastie’s book is :fire:. Hadn’t heard about the Techno one… might go full Strutt and put it on tomorrow night to honour the occasion.

TSOB is a great watch :belgium: :slightly_smiling_face:


Teddy P doc is incredible. Shame it got taken off Beeb when it did. Would watch again.

Haven’t seen Style Council yet or Mr Dynamite - bet that’s an eye opener

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I recently rewatched the Tricky documentary. there is a pretty bad quality version available on youtube.


HBO’s recent Bee Gees film ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’ is a documentary masterclass and also surprisingly moving. Inc. great cameos from Nicky Siano and Vince Lawrence.


ATCQ doc is brilliant. No fluffing things up. Warts and all when it comes to the fall out.


True or falsetto?:rofl::wink:

Need to check this one, cheers

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Some bio doc’s I definitely recommend watching:

For the Dutch/Belgian people:

  • Zij Gelooft In Mij
    Absolutely amazing documentary on the late André Hazes. An intimate look into his personal life at the height of his career. Beautifully shot as well. Even if you’re not into his music, the doc is worth your time (I think).

Also this classic, but always fun to watch:

And this one is pretty good too:

  • Raving Iran

Nina’s doc is incredible - have watched it twice in last couple of months.

Need to find the Arthur Russell one and will check out the others.



If there are some Dutch speakers among you, I can’t recommend the documentary ‘Wognum’ enough.

It follows the 40-odd year old Mathijs who has been a hardcore fan (think Thunderdome) since many years, but also has a passion for classical piano and wants to find a way our of the hardcore scene. It’s a very touching portrait and very human look.

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Wild Combination, a portrait of Arthur Russell is on Amazon prime at the moment :+1:


The Coda documentary about Ryuichi Sakamoto is worth checking, enjoyed it alot.


I love the soulwax documentary! Tiga is gold :smile:

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