Mixes - file not found

This thread is for mixes that you’ve lost the files to and cannot be found at their original source (or you forgot) and hoping someone can upload and post them here.

Vidal Benjamin - Balearic Nightmare


If anyone has any of the Shizm mixes from 2000-ish?

i have one which is Yist’s Groove by Paul Nickerson.


Yes I have it, PM me your email :wink:

You have Yist’s Groove? I have that, it’s the only one of the Shizm mixes I burned to a CD-r. Looking for the others. They were brilliant.

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Sorry no, the Vidal Benjamin one, I though I’d replied to @Kori77 :man_shrugging:

Heh, no probs.

An unlikely one I know but does anyone have this?

Asking for a friend

I’m after the ‘cosmic boogie’ series., which were all hosted on the blog but not been able to find since.

Djh vets will remember the Mystery Mixes. All now archived here:



So I’ve looked around, to no avail. Some background, I had my laptop stolen. There are three balearic Mike mixes I absolutely loved that are not longer on the web… “this year I have been mostly listening to “ parts 1 and 2, and one titled polka dots and kittens or something like that. Any of you have them, I would appreciate that so much. Thanks!

Soulseek is a good source of rare/old mixes. This week I had an old Jay Tripwire Proton Radio mix pop into my head. I knew it was from 2003 or 04. Turned out to be the first mix I grabbed. What are the chances!


All the old Krossfingers mixes are gone sadly.

Some of the selectors have re-uploaded their ones but there’s a lot of these still missing.

It would be great to get these back online somewhere.

Been trying to track down an old Kenny Dope mix from Giles Peterson’s Worldwide show. Think it was from around 98/99, not long before he released the Hip Hop Forever and Strange Games comps.

A friend of mine had it on tape and we would listen to it in his Mum’s car, but not heard it for about 15 years.

Todd Terje, I think it’s called “Let’s have a balearic whore-off” from 2006 ? La Bionda I’ve Got Your Number is in there.

Can you remember any of the songs?

Ol’ Jaypee had piles of Kenny Dope mixes from Gilles Peterson’s show. Was it the one where he was cutting from ESG at 33rpm into that 20th Century Steel band song?

He’s not the most responsive online, and he’s 100% not going to be able to do a transfer from anything to anything, but you never know he might just give you the actual tape…

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Haha yeh I already spoke to him up about it actually. He reckons he has it on tape at his folks house and will try to fish it out sometime.

Did you get this one; I’ve got a copy if not.

I’ve got my mix I did for Cosmic Boogie. I’ll see if I have any others. Got thousands of mixes here on a dozen or so hard drives.

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very kind. thanks!

Found it on an old 2007 iPod Classic.

Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps8Sv37SfZ_fsEEPjJU3Ra1SvVhkMv64/view?usp=sharing


If anyone has any of the stuff uploaded to the strange sounds from beyond soundcloud let me know. Events, mix series, radio shows etc. Lost the archive I made myself, which is a bit of a downer but what can you do. Many thanks!