Mix link dump come one come all

I wanted to create a thread where people could leave mixes that move them without cluttering the “Mix You Keep Coming Back To”
thread which is a little narrower in purpose.

Over here, if you listened to something and loved it, post it!

Ran through this twice in the last couple of days- this dude definitely doesn’t love having his sets recorded and this one of the most sterling examples online of how he gets down-


I don’t even know if I have words for how much I love this mix. I just know that in the frequent times when the pandemic and winter gray skies have left me on the floor this never fails to pick me back up-



This was on Worldwide FM yesterday morning, it’s Gilles Petersen doing his top 20 UK Psych Prog Jazz from 1968-74. The only one that I knew and own was Gong, I recognised Traffic from Winwood’s voice but didn’t know the tune and had to nab it immediately, I’m surpised at how funky much of it is!


Oh also this is the kind of thing that fairly boggles the mind and makes it hard to say the internet is all bad when more accurately it’s kind of the best AND worst invention of all time. The idea that someone had hours of pre-Public Enemy Spectrum City and was kind enough to share it is amazing-

A whole lotta Spectrum :exploding_head:

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This guy is Jersey deep and generously sharing. Hot damn.

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The Doctor and his prescriptions. :wink:

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One of my favourite mixes of recent years from two masters


This is new and killer. Ambient tip.



Omar-S the best…

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Wanna feel old ? Subtract your age by twenty. Sort of a Westwood flavour with big hiphop tunes but he’s done his homework with really clever mixing tricks and what have you

:pray: thanks for the JC not heard that before…


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People like to complain about his eq happy ways but when he’s on he’s as on as anybody and he puts a real narrative together in his sets and has fantastically wide music knowledge.

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Good shout, it’s a great mix.


This was a revelation. Roughly contemporaneous with when Conmen and Ken Sport started doing similar tapes but Diamond D and on big hour mixshow dropping David Axelrod and whatnot was that new next.

Oh and FYI, there is no guest list tooooooniiiiiite!


You know those sets where a guy plays a hundred records you’ve never heard before and plays them in a way you couldn’t play them if you premeditated for a century? I know this mix is infamous in certain corners of the internet but to me it’s a must listen if you have ears-


Four turntables a whole lotta dubs, I own three copies of this cassette like just in case, man-



This is it… only 15 minutes in, sad to say never heard of Spencer before, no idea why! Thanks, amazing, just up my street.

Do you know him as Gemini? One of the many bright lights brought out by Cajmere amazing as a producer and dj but derailed by mental illness.

Had to search, but have this, didn’t put two and two together.
Still listening, mind boggling like you say… great find.



Jersey deep :cd::control_knobs::level_slider::control_knobs::cd:

One day I will meet the mysterious Yebo and buy him a drink and thank him for having one of the most mind-boggling tape collections and fucking sharing it.


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Manny Cuevas is another dude sharing an enviable stash of tapes. His posts have gotten me through many humdrum days.