Memorable Dance Floor moment

We are missing our clubs. Till we get to kick some dance floor again, what are some of your favourite dance floor memory?
Me, I have in mind a time I was at Shelter NYC in early 2000. I always close my eyes when I dance and when suddenly I opened them, Timmy himself was dancing next to me :blush:


Similar vibe. Travelled to New York with some friends for the last ever Body & Soul in Vinyl and found ourselves dancing alongside a very sweaty Mel Cheren!


Ok it wasn’t a club but Dekmantel Selectors a few years back in Tisno, storm had cancelled barberallas afters so they put up a last minute tent which had a club vibe to it. 6 hours of hard chuggy acid ensued before I-F blew it out of the park, shifting between acid, electro and balls out italo… At one point he dropped Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme at around 7am and I proper lost my shit, couldn’t even vocalise how it made me feel haha… I think I danced off a whole year of stress that night. Set finished at 8am coming out to the storm having passed, sun rising and Jan Schulte playing an ambient set on the shore… Just perfect


Wow Great one. I had one good time dancing at Suncebeat at Garden Tisno on Prosumer while there was a storm with lightning. People went back to their chalet. We were very few brave staying and it was amazing. The rain was warm and music amazing.

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There’s something different about a storm when you’re on holiday dancing eh!


YES, nothing stopping us!


I remember one night a space ship landed between the entrance and the front room at Club UK and giant aliens got out shooting laser pistols as Fabi Paras (or was it Justin Robertson) worked the hell out of ‘This Is Not A Mind Trip’ by Air Liquide. Later that night I sat in the tiny ‘recovery’ room while Ed and Tom (Dust Brothers) gave an interview to a Japanese journalist. I swear it was a real spaceship.


I DJ’d the wrap party for phantom menace(also worked on the film and they wanted to keep it in house) I looked up and George Lucas was dancing with a very tiny lady that was a stand in for Yoda. Just one of those moments.


as a Star Wars fan, this story needs a video too.

Frankie dropping The Pressure for the first time at Ministry.
He gradually reduced the volume over the previous couple of tracks, then whacked it up for that opening grand piano note - thunderous!


Guess these were amazing clubs for a good reason… can’t choose.

  1. Dancing in a pink cloud of smoke, strobe flashing, Your Love playing… Shoom
  2. Listening to Jaguar and being ‘conga’d’ by 20 shirtless blokes… whilst watching the worlds best dancers… B&S

Mark Moore playing John Lennon’s imagine and the whole crowd singing the “woo oh ooh’s”
Soulwax playing GnR sweet child of mine at fabric was pretty special too.

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Ha ha, I don’t think that we were allowed to even take photos. ILM are VERY big on security and disclosure

Just back from Aldi and driving back remembered Jez Healey playing ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ in a tent on a Bank Holiday Monday, Puscha I think, never heard it before… they were projecting swans or ballet dancers on a lake, all got very messy (snowballs) couldn’t go to work till Wednesday, still felt sqiffy. Not big not clever kids.

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Now that sounds amazing…

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Hahaha sounded great

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Recent memory, The closing night of We out Here with Myr Scruff in the wood. I was meant to take the train back but I kept pushing until I knew there was no more train. Had to work at 9am the next day Monday…I stayed till the end of Mr Scruff set. Then serendipity was bumping onto Andrew Ashong offering me a ride home. Had prob 2H sleep before work :joy:


Lucky Cloud Soundsystem Spring 2019 - after an hour of cool down records from Cosmo we finished on City Country City and Lost In Music. It was my first attendance and the first time hearing a K-Horn system, it felt like the night had been set for the last hour.

Also, last year at Mister Sunday Outdoors at Nowadays I got to hear the Danny Krivit mix of Chaka Khan - I Know You I Live You. It’s a glorious mix and Chaka is in full range of her vocal abilities. It went completely off and it was only around 6pm and in almost perfect timing up-stepped a load of Puerto Rican queens on to the dancefloor. I’d had a tough year the year before and Spring had been hard too. Things were on the up and so hearing that and witnessing that dancefloor reaction was just so ace and a reminder of what good times are and what they feel like.


Welcome to LCSS :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully we will be able to party again in June…


I have everything crossed. It’s been dearly missed.