Local heroes

The unsung heroes of every local scene. There’s a few in Glasgow, just consistently doing their thing for years, with a crowd that’s been there and know their music.


Here’s a great recording from 1995
Sir Henry’s - October 1995

I concur.
Frazer Moore was another great Cricketers Arms Dj with fantastic taste. Pretty sure I remember him finishing a set there with A Town Like Malice - a lovely pub moment. And one of the nicest gentlemen out there.

Darren from up the road guests on the open tempo radio… Nice tracklist
DiscoDaze #234 - 25.03.22 (Guest Mix - Get Down Edits) by STEPHEN RICHARDS on #SoundCloud

That glen Davis remix is great, he’s having a good year

Here is West one on Emergency FM https://www.piratearchive.co.uk/bristol/emergency/EmergencyFM-97.9-Bristol-WestOne-11-9-88.mp3
I used to love DJing in Bath, the moles, hub Hat and Feather etc… always a good crowd

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Here’s a very local story i’ve been following for a while. In the NW town of Gijon in the atlantic region of Asturias, a fiercely independent collective called Danza Prima are trying to create a unique arts space in some industrial unit. The main guy Roman is so passionate and loves his tunes. Unfortunately some more established bars/clubs got jealous and there have been no end of dirty tricks to strangle the project at birth. I don’t know them personally but they seem sound and looks like they’re crowdfunding to secure their future. More info :point_down:



just more love for DJ riz. worth the watch.