Lisbon Recommendations – Tips & Places To Go

Help @elzorro out if you’ve been…

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love it
Pavilhão Chinês dive bar is on every ‘must visit’ list and that’s because it’s great


A Cevicheria is an ace resturant. It was quite busy when I went, had to wait a while for a table but they can serve beers while you wait.

The timeout market is decent.

Lx factory is nice for a walk around. they had a sunday flea market when we were there. good place to grab a drink.

Park (it’s a rooftop bar on top of a carpark). There’s also loads of other roof top bars.

There’s a small shopping centre near centre of town that had 2 or 3 pretty good record shops in it, sorry I can’t remember the names. Another great record shop near the water/ sea front, near where the ferries come in.

It’s a wicked city. one of those place you can just walk around with a drink in your hand and take in all the sites.


and everything’s a euro!


Have a google for the markets. I can’t remember names but they are all great for food and beer and maybe even some photos for your social media feed. Time Out market is modern, busy and more expensive - good to visit, but make sure you visit some old traditional food markets also


Just about to say that. We had dinner and 16 beers for less than €50. that was for 4 people


You will be offered hash, weed andCoke every where from the taxi to the hotel and every street and corner. Don’t buy anything even the weed and Hash is fake. Been there for 2 stag weekends. Lesson learned


And the grill cheese toasties at Jurgens bar are to die for :yum::cheese:

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This is always useful advice, even in the UK, anything offered in the street is usually some kind of trick to rip you off. Easy mistake to make when in good spirits.


Slow Music Movement might be able to offer some good tips - his fiefdom, I think?

yes to the Time Out Market. Steaks there were amazing. We went drinking around Bairro Alto mostly. wasn’t that arsed about the fados tbh. some of the alleys look a bit scuzzy but the bars were really nice. the dealers weren’t exactly subtle but seemed pretty harmless. This was 2017.

I lost touch with the Lisbon DJ Tiago (friend of the Claremont 56 family) he had a longrunning ressie at LUX, probably knows all the good stuff musicwise.

Sadly the Spanish discontinued the Lusitania night train from Madrid. Such good fun on that last time. Hopef back again soon anyway.

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If you are there for a while, you can take a train to Cascais (40 minutes) for a swim. A bit busy with tourists but Lisbon gets very hot and I couldn’t see anywhere to go for a dip. Cascais is full of restaurants and pubs and has a few small beaches.


I will repost here as this may be future reference for others:

Highly recommend visiting VAGO (@vago.lisboa on instagram), great bar with a very good soundsystem.

As for records, Amor Records (amor.records) is owned by a friend of mine, as is Bones Records (Bones Records & Radio | Vinylhub Record Store Database).


Lots of record shops and lots of steps leading up to them. I bought the fairport convention album with the track Autopsy on it, I was looking for it for years…

eat every Pastel de nata in sight and rate them accordingly :grinning:


Yeh that place is worth a visit. It’s in a nice area too, there’s a killer viewpoint next to it and some nice places to eat.

The kiosks dotted around Lisbon are a great place to hang out for a cheap beer or Ginjinha (cherry brandy).


And, asking for a friend, where do you find the real stuff?


Ask for extra cheese :cheese:

My fool proof pitch is ask someone working in a bar is it worth while buying something off the street. 9 out of 10 times the bar person will have someone come around… Works all over the world :earth_africa: known as the search for Fondue :shushing_face: so if someone posts Anyone know where to get good Fondue in Hong Kong, Lisbon ect you will know what they mean…


I lived in Lisbon for 3 years, 2 years ago. Here’s a few spots I miss:

Comida Independente - Google Maps - If you like natural/low intervention wines and great meats and cheese this Deli/Bar is the spot I miss the most. If you’re not up on the natural wine world this is a great place to start (and finish) - lovely people.

They also run a nice food market on a Saturday in a cute plaza - Google Maps, if you make it to this plaza anytime then check the kiosk in the plaza, it’s run by a top chef who wanted to do small plates of top quality classic Portuguese food at affordable prices.

Pink Street - Google Maps the floor is painted piink and is a good place for a lively stand in the street outside the bars drink with the Lisbon youth any night of the week.

Prado Restaurant/Bar - Google Maps This restaurant is the nuts, you’ll drop a few quid by Lisbon standards (not so much by UK standards) but the food is next level. I linked to the Merceria which is the small bar/deli/wine shop next door where you can grab a few small plates and some natural wines at cheaper prices.

This is Portugal’s top chef - José Avillez, he’s got a 3* restaurant and some super affordable themed restaurants - all good, so a pizza for a tenner, his take on local Portugese restaurant for €30 or €300 for a tasting menu take your pick.

O’Gambuzino - Google Maps My favourite veggie restaurant, in a street filled with crack and smack heads! At the bottom of the street is Praca Intendente where Cafe Largo is a great locals hangout (though about to close if not already shut up shop due to gentrification end of rental contract issues) - Google Maps. Opposite that is Casa Independent - Google Maps - lots of DJs and live music, but also an amazing multi-roomed house like venue with a great courtyard.

TRUE microbrewery - Google Maps - this place is tiny and it’s cobbled together but the Canadian woman that runs it makes my favourite craft beer in the city

Views with a drink:
Topo Martim Moniz Google Maps - get to this rooftop bar via the elevator in the shopping arcade. Small terrace but stunning views, where I took all my visitors
Memmo Hotel - Google Maps - Swanky hotel with a killer terrace overlooking the river, nice day/night hangout.

As the city is so hilly all the hills have a Miradouro which is the top of the hill with unfailingly good city views, just google “Miradouro” for your nearest. Most of them have a bar as well.

Follow @mikestellarofficial on Instagram - top bloke, DJ and man about town he usually posts where he his playing and is often involved in cool events.

I could go on, but my TOP TIP, is however to forget the sandals / flip flops and wear your comy traineers, the city’s hills soon start to take their toll as you wander around.

If you need anything specific just shout.



Thank you @TheSlowMusicMovement and everyone else for all the info. Not sure how I’m going to fit it all in to a few days!

What’s brilliant about this is that most of everyone’s tips don’t appear on any of the usual lists when you Google it. These are proper insider tips, the way we like it.