KollektivX - What We Saying?

Piers just sent me this…

I can’t quite understand but is it like crowdsourced rips that you then pay for? Anyone using it?

A GPR record on landing definitely piqued my interest…

Does it fund the founder to buy and rip the record and that contributors get access to the rips?

I haven’t a clue. I’m a bit confused but it looks fancy.

you might be right!

they’re looking for 321 euros for this

Which has only ever sold for about a hundred quid

That’s sort of what it is. The guy has many YouTube channels as Mahumachinen, is obsessed about collecting weird music and he’s been trying to get something like this going for a while, in different formats. This seems to be the most promising so far. Could be worth it. Legally a very very very grey area, but then again who are we trying to kid, right?

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Crowdfunding $300 for a tune that sells for $100 on vinyl? Bit greedy if you ask me.

That April Wayne track is peanuts on Discogs right now too. It would cost less to order the vinyl.

I’d be happy paying a (reasonable) set price for some wavs of these tunes though.

At first glance, it may seem that the price of the record grows a lot on KOLLEKTIVX, but this is not so, it remains the same as its on Discogs, eBay or any other place where we buy it from.
It is not the cost of the record that increases, but the cost of the project is being created, which includes:
:black_small_square:the price of the record
:black_small_square:the shipping cost
:black_small_square:the cost of digitizing and restoration
:black_small_square:platform commission
:black_small_square:insurance premium
:black_small_square:VAT and other applicable taxes

From project to project, the price can be formed in different ways, but the resulting difference between the fee and the actual check is always returned to contributors.
Usually it applies to the price of delivery and taxes.
The collective project price includes 30 Koins for shipping to cover any postage, even if the record travels from Australia or Japan.
Plus 19% on taxes to cover import VAT which, from July 1, 2021, will automatically apply to all records imported into the European Union. If we paid less, you will see a report about it and the money credited to the account.

So at the end of the day, you get top quality rip* of the rare record for the price of a cup of coffee and also you can always collectively sell the record and get the some reimbursement too.

  • the set up and post done on the latest KX rip (KX uses different setups depending on a record, pressing, music style etc.)
    Equipment and process:
  • Rega Planar 6
  • Nagaoka MP-500H cartridge
  • Apogee Symphony
  • Pro-ject Phono Box RS2
    Cleaning: Ultrasound, Vacuum
  • Softube Weiss EQ1
  • Brainworx bx_digital v3
  • AMEK EQ200
  • Sonnox Res­tore
  • Sonnox EQ
  • Integrated -17 LUFS
  • Short term -18 LUFS
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Are you compensating the songwriters and master owners?

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How is this legal? I’m so confused, people pay a guy to actually buy a record then he makes a digital copy and people pay for that, on top of the crowdfunding? then this guy keeps the actual record?

Hopefully they are, I mentioned Keb Darge in post recently and think an old track he resurrected got used in an advert. It meant the writer got quite a lot of cash in their later years.

Be an interesting thread on artists not getting paid/ repressed without their knowledge. Heard and read lots of it going on and big artists who have labels doing it /getting done to them. But probably a legal minefield if a thread like that was on here!

Could do it with a painting. They buy then send you a Polaroid of it.


If it’s nope it’s bootlegging plain and simple.

Yep, that’s pretty much what it is.

it was inappropriate to argue about terminology, but what we do is essentially no different from the situation when a person bought a record, ripped it and listens to it in the car or on the phone or with some lossless cloud player. we provide exactly the same service, only instead of one owner, record has several of them (funders who are the sole owners of the rip) . if they want to sell a record, they set a price and the record is sold. until then we store it. we take good care of records. we clean them, store them properly, archive them and post the info about the project in social media in order to drag interest to music/musician/label depending on the case. So funders fund and we buy/rip/restore/archive/store/sell/send the record. Funders/contributors receive rips for personal use, review or study, the same restrictions as for personal rip, and at the moment when they decide to sell and the record ceases to be their property, they must remove the rips from their hard drives. The service is made in order to give the wider masses access to rare music, not just those with deep pockets and discogs sharks and dealers. the service is not commercial, it works with losses, had a year of development and legal work and there are not many prospects that it will ever become profitable. it’s more about interest in music, curiosity and archeology rather than commerce. hopefully I’ve answered some of the questions.

Sorry your justifications are hilarious. :rofl:


justifications :man_shrugging:? i wanted to give a clearer picture of what we do as I see that people here are confused. if you find them funny, well … great … I am happy that I managed to bring less serious attitude to your day.

You’re a bootlegger :yawning_face:

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Where are you based, there is no info on your site?
Wonder why?

Edit: Just looked up your domain, you’re in Russia I see.


i think its pretty straight forward