Kids - Passing on the Balearic baton

Has anyone here managed to pass on the Balearic baton to their sons /daughters /neices /nephews etc?

I reckon I’m getting there with my two kids after many years of having to listening to their urban / grime / American rnb stuff and the penny is starting to drop with them musically.

My lad is 15 and finding his way around my old pioneer ddj set up. He’s listening to the likes of Masters at Work, old Morales remixes etc and developing quite an ear for a tune.

My girl is 18 and obsessed with dance music. Whilst she is mostly into the new kids on the block like Patrick Topping, Chris Stussy and Micheal Bibby (yep, I’ve no idea who these are as well :man_shrugging:) she does like a good A Love From Outer Space night too and already is a veteran of 3 ALFOS’s since turning 18 in March. I can’t get her off the dance floor and she tags along with me and our little crew at every opportunity on nights out. Being 30 years younger than us doesn’t faze her, she just gets on with it and gets into the music.

Bored with the likes of Parklife & Creamfields, she is currently trying to get me to go to the likes of Sonar, ADE or Hideout next year.

I’ve made many mistakes as a parent, but being on the dance floor with my daughter & seeing her face when a tune drops is one of the best feelings ever.

This all kind of makes me feel like I’ve done something right as their Dad :rofl:

Anyone else managed to pass it on?


Just saw on Socials he just got out of hospital after a long spell for cancer treatment poor love. Small ray of sunshine he lost his hair and that daft cut.


Still very much DnB/grime for mine.

I gave them the Loft/Warehouse/Paradise Garage/Ibiza chat to no avail. I knew I’d failed when one of them said “who was that Barry Knuckles guy, again?”

I’m just happy they love music.


:joy::joy: I was thinking the same.

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Haha I’d have settled for that too!

Mine is 5 years old, her favourite song is the ’ Just sold my car to We buy any car’ jingle, she always stops what she’s doing & dances along to the advert.
Don’t think she’s ready for E2 E4 yet.


We always brought ours to Ibiza every year oldest is now 24 & 16yr old. They used to say Oh no not Ibiza again, why can’t we go somewhere else lol.I always said I would rather be watching a parrot show in Ibiza than some Costa del hell hole. :pray: Older girl always loved Techno something that was never played at home… She went to a few DGTL festivals in Amsterdam I would look at the line up and say you should go hear this dj and that dj and after checking them out She would always say No way. Lol


Bizarrely, grand theft auto gave me a lot of music credibility with my kids.

There is always music on at home, often to the kids despair. But as soon as they heard the same tracks being played on GTA, it made them ‘cool’ & acceptable.

I think the likes of Moodymann, Blessed Madonna, Palm Traxs etc have mixes and playlist on GTA which isn’t a bad thing.


I think the best thing you can do is let them loose with your collection and answer questions if they come up.


Barry Knuckles. Arguably one of the most underrated DJs to emerge from the early donk scene in Cleethorpes, alongside Colin Levan and Brian Hardy.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news……

Died whilst out jogging :man_shrugging:


My lad is 5 so theres still a ways to go yet. But he has a real interest in the decks whenever I’m DJing, and whenever something funky comes on the radio or somewhere, he starts dancing. So hopefully the signs are there :pray:t2:


My youngest (20) is extremely keen on the whole lifestyle. Which can be a concern. Does love the music too.


Are we talking d. r. u. g. s when you say lifestyle?


Unfortunately, it’s all streaming services now for this lot. They are not interested in vinyl, cd’s or even digital files.

You tube or Spotify

I’ve set my 16yr old up with Beatport streaming via Rekordbox. That with a Pioneer controller and in the space of 2 days he was banging out incredible mixes of jungle tracks. He’s got no context or history with the tunes. He hasn’t had to build a collection. I don’t think he even knows what label they are on or who made them and he seems to have no desire to own any music. They are just sounds to him. Feels totally alien to me but it makes perfect sense to him. I wonder if he sticks with it, will he come back to the fundamentals of the scene as opposed to just the act of playing tunes? Let’s see.


@homebassuk on IG have some of the proper old school spirit.

‘off grid raves and events’ dj’ing out the back of a van at their own pop up events in railway arches, waste grounds and the like,

Not sure how long they’ll get away with doing it, but its a great idea.

Its Silong from Wobble and his lad behind that.

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Ive got a 4.5 year old. He likes pushing the buttons and messing with the fader and has picked out a few records he likes. Seems to have a thing for jungle and 92 Ardcore, particularly if its on 33 so he can speed it up to 45

Current Top 5
Prodigy - Out Of Space
Edge 1 - Compnded
Starlight - Numero Uno
Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubbs
Prefab Sprout - King Of Rock N Roll (because hotdogs, obviously)


Pre-lockdown, some mates used to get my kids to come and DJ at their parties. They smashed it tbh.

Nowadays, theyre just moody teenagers, although the boy does like to be the streaming selector at any parties/motives he goes to.