In Memoriam…


Never heard his show when I grew up in Mcr, but being the same age listened to all the same stuff and went to same shops and clubs. I’d left for London by 82’. Brought back a lot of memories, sad news.

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When i got back from Oz and NZ in 93 and ended up back in Leeds (where I was trying to fucking get away from after 19 months) Im sure Stu had some of his sets on Dream FM pirate station along with Paul Taylor. Lots of shout outs to the lads in Armley nick rattling the cages :laughing:

Pharaoh Sanders - unconfirmed

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Oof no

When he played We Out Here the other weekend, he didnt look like he had much time left.

RIP :pensive:


This might not be the best epitaph but when I blasted ‘You’ve Got To Have Freedom’ by Pharaoh Sanders in my bedroom when I was young it was the only record (through all the acid and house and techno) that my mum would walk in and ask me to turn down.

We saw him live at a Jazz Bop in Brighton maybe thirty years ago and he played a singing bowl for the first five minutes or so just making the whole room vibrate. Then him and the band started and it was game on. They were amazing. Jazz raves were pretty great.



rearranged my molecules forever, RIP


Oh man how sad. What an amazing man and life he led.

Now that is a line up! and slightly complicated arrangement :woozy_face:

Wow. What a line up.

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