I Was There (aka Tales of Legendary Events )

Let’s hear your stories of attending legendary concerts or music related events. Where you at Spike Island? Did you see a young Carl Cox when he first started using 3 decks? Maybe you actually witnessed Bob Dylan play a half decent show? Regale us here.


I was at this John Martyn gig and I think it’s the only live version of this cover out there.


I’d love to hear some stories from people that attended Plastikman/Richie Hawtin’s parties in the early to mid 90s. Things like Jak o lantern, Control parties, etc.

Only ever found this thread about it



I was there… in 1987… on the beach in Ibeetza

[*albeit on a family holiday not at KU]


Nirvana, Reading 92. I have a pathological need to inform this to every student who I see wearing a T-Shirt of the aforementioned band.


A Rotters Golf Club party at i think The Fortress, possibly 1998. Maybe 150 people? Andrew Weatherall then Richie Hawtin. Gillespie & Holmes up to something in the loos. I thought i’d made it when there was an article about it in DJ mag :joy:

(i was Not there answer)- missed the lift to Castlemorton and did’nt see anyone for 5/6 days. The local rave pub was like a desert all week


Unsure as to iconic status but Harvey’s eventual UK comeback at the Oval Space after years of ‘exile’ was certainly the talk of the town on October 19, 2012. A beard convention unlike any other before or since. Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer ‘polarising’ opinion for weeks after. Additionally, I had a really good time.


Not sure how legendary any of these are but here goes:

Happy Mondays. Manchester Gmex 1990

It was peak Madchester. Dont remember much about it except they were late on stage by about an hour, and the Rasta Mc’s had a lot of filling in to do

Junior Vasquez. Cream Liverpool 1997.

There was a lot of hype about JV mid nineties. UK clubs had been trying to bring him over for a few years. When he finally came the hype had waned a bit and the gig was a bit of an anti climax. He played Come Together by The Beatles

Prodigy. Glastonbury, 1997.

Fat Of The Land was just out and they were about to go strastopheric. It was a wet Glasto and the main stage was sinking so the gig was delayed. They finally came out to Diesel Power and the place went bananas

The Verve. Haigh Hall, Wigan 1998

A home town gig of sorts. Amazing night. Just found the set on YT recently actually. Seems like yesterday

X-Press 2, Cream 96ish

They had a short lived residency there. Was the first time I’d seen some six deck action. All three of them working the decks & FX. Think they got the elbow cos it didnt chime with the handbag sound of the time


Sadly missed it but its given me a random excuse to link this :joy:
Like an Italo P.M Dawn! The Ambient version is far more palatable tbh


daft punk, hyde park, 2007. all I really remember was that I was extremely ‘refreshed’ :woozy_face:

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never heard that before! certainly different to Shut Up and Dance.

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Went to Paris in 1991 for the “legendary” Heavenly Records night with Flowered Up, St Etienne and Manics with Weatherall DJing on Friday night, followed by Happy Mondays at La Cigalle on the Saturday night.

Got beaten up whilst foolishly trying to score on a proper La Haine style Paris estate. Hung out with Flowered Up, got Shaun Ryder’s autograph (a smacked up “Stay Well” scrawled on the back of a gig ticket) and had a proper legendary teenage time all round.

All as featured in Sounds Magazine, March 1991.

It was all downhill from there.


Jumping on the Prodigy there. Saw them in Cape Town when they toured with Faithless and it was at the time that particularly strong acid and Mitsubishis were both in abundance so 18 year me in my “why not” phase hopped on that train. Gig was at a velodrome so a lot of the night was spent sliding down the thing with a few thousand people in the same state of madness listening to god is a Dj or whatever faithless we’re doing in a state of pure twisted joy. Then the lights all went off. A huge light at the back of the venue blinked and all of us gurners turned around - sneakily giving Keith enough time to sneak onto the walkway at the front of the stage - and then it went off again causing all sorts of fear/confusion. Then another light went on and it was just a spotlight on Keith looking utterly cool/demented and there was no music just him presiding over the masses standing motionless while the band got ready. Then a long intro of Breathe came on and when the drums finally kicked in Keith moved and the place went ballistic. Killer, killer set but you’ve never seen a more twisted group of people leave a venue dealing with the juxtaposition between faithless and the pure punk dance carnage. I don’t think I’ve ever truly recovered.


I need to reread Decca Aitkenhead’s Promised Land: In Search of the Perfect E. I think there was a chapter in SA.

I went to that as well, can’t believe it’s so long ago already.

I remember one of the first records he played was Planet Control – Play At Your Own Risk, which I thought was probably meant as a comment on him possibly ballsing up his legendary status by actually playing in the UK after so long. Could be reading too much into it though…

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I went with my dad 86 or 85, remember lots of posters for Ku with wet t shirt or topless competitions


Bore everyone with this one. Daft Punk DJing at Plastic People on Oxford Street 1997!?!. Ben Watts(from Musik magazine?) had a night called Who’s in Town where each week was surprise guess. £1.99 to get in. Place was full of other DJ’s like Laurent Garner, Ian Pooley etc. Briefly felt part of the A-Crowd. It was fucking brilliant.

Also was in the audience for Oasis’s first TV appearance on The Word. Was a student round the corner from the studio so was there every week.


Ha ha was at this to and in a similar state. Barely remember any of it. My wife was 6 months pregnant so was maybe treating it as a last hurrah before daughter was born.

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Remember that john farnham age of reason edit going down well too. Heard Saxon in there as well (which was akin to a cat being thrown in water)

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They played Brighton Escape Club later on that tour too. Forgot about that. Amazing the amount of so called legendary nights that I probably don’t even remember going to.

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