How Niche is Too Niche?

Ten years or so ago I started to teach myself to identify birds by their songs and calls. Don’t judge me. And now I have a special section in my collection for records of birdsong. So what have you got in your boxes that nobody else knows about? Poetry, keep fit albums, soundtracks, comedy, brass bands, don’t be shy. It’s all good.


I’m down.

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I have a kids album from 70s that contains a killer version of Doctor Who theme, all mooged out.

It also contains an attempt at Rupert the Bear.

I have a couple LP’s by Jean-Claude Roché of bird song. Amazing

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This is nice too.

I’ll get me coat…


I’m strictly Northampton promotional 7 inches these days



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Think this is amazing

Trunk Records are the reissue masters for this stuff

Brilliant. I’ve got a couple of Derek and Clive albums, but I suspect this is funnier.

Quite a wordy title. Maybe the idea for another thread😂

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Love me some Robert Browning:


The Argo label throws up some good niche stuff. Just before Christmas I saw The Hobbit box set on Argo in a charity shop for £20, went outside to look it up on Discogs, rare and goes for plenty, came in and watched a lady stick it in her basketful of bric a brac and that was that. Anyway, I’ve got 3 copies of Chaucer’s canterbury tales, so there!:joy:

I’ve got a few in this series but this is the most interesting, father of actor Daniel Day-Lewis.


I collect as many versions of under milk wood as I can and the Argo box of the BBC 1954 one is a favourite.


Ah yes, I’ve got a copy on Columbia, and another couple of Thomas bits. :+1:

I have no particular interest in trains bit a review by a certain Andrew Weatherall led me to El Tren Fantasia by Chris Watson (ex Cabaret Voltaire) who’s now a sound recordist. I find this strangely soothing and a good one to listen to at bedtime.


That’s the spirit. Sorry.

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Just checked him out on Discogs. His stuff looks really good - a lot of his later rrecordings are CD only though, and the earlier things are top dollar. Never knew you could get birdsong records on 10 inch!

Right, well this’ll lower the tone considerably but I think it’s niche enough. Kiss Tribute Air guitar band, PISS, recorded themselves performing to Ace of Spades by Motörhead. Due to licensing issues the original music wasn’t included in the recording so what is heard is 4 blokes miming to the track in their headphones.
It’s as good as it sounds believe me.


this is a Flexi disc recording of a man pissing in the snow