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This guy is the don- he bought up all the original technic parts from Panasonic when they stopped making them so can fit original parts if needed. He’s got loads of decent info on his site, basically explaining why all the mods are crap lol
His services are cheap and will put in new original leads etc as part of the service about £125 per deck
Probs the most qualified guy in the country


This ^

Just fit a genuine lead or get this guy to do a service if you are not confident to do so. There is only so much I can do to highlight the tests, upgrades and benchmarking I did on these turntables to try and help a poster to get the best fix to a problem.

I wasn’t impressed at all by these, it’s always an option for archiving I guess.

I also had noise and hum and would have investagated the issue at the time and found no fix.

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Funnily enough I’ve been having issues back cueing with my Ortofons and only yesterday did I work out that setting the anti-skate to 0 solves the problem perfectly. It’s been doing my head in for weeks, was such a relief!

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I’m mainly using them to record before selling…

Is that the correct method for back cueing? I’m sure the Ortofon instructions said you set the anti-skate to the same value as the weight?

Although that might explain why the OF’s feel terrible compared to my old Shure M4-77’s…

No you’re right, the instructions do say to set the anti-skate to the weight value, but I’ve been having issues backcueing with them on certain records (usually LPs and 7s) since I got them. Something to do with tighter grooves perhaps? Regardless, since setting the anti-skate to 0 the other day I genuinely haven’t had an issue since.

Similarly to yourself, my Ortofons replaced an old pair of Stanton 500s I had which I never had any issues with.

Having read this I’m now doubting the famous Deck Doctor who internalised my earth cable and fitted new RCAs! Mmmm. I guess I know where I’d send the decks in future then. Thanks for sharing this.

Why are the wheels helpful in that case?

So you can move it easily? Aha, not sure what other reason you’d need for that really

Easier to stabilise on an uneven floor as well. :+1:

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