Home listening set up

Following on from the listening room thread, what’s your set up and what’s on your wants list:

Inputs: 1210s with Grado carts, CDJ 1000
Amp: Luxman hybrid valve
Mixer: Rane MP2016
Effects: Akai MFC42
Speakers: Klipsch Hersey + Klipsch RW8 sub

Ojas speaker kit
Mastersounds radius 4
Another CDJ


Inputs: 1210s with Hana SL and Rega Saturn R
Amp: Ear Yoshino 534
Pre Amp: Townshend Allegri +
Phono Stage: Trilogy 906
Speakers: Tannoy 12" HPD custom made by Paul from RFC

No DJ set up here


Home listening vibes

Inputs : Thorens TD 160B with Rega Tone arm & Audio-Technica cart
Amp : Copeland CSA 28 Integrated Amp
Speakers : Harbeth HL-P3ES-2


Happy with the harbies?

that’s a nice set up

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Yes, lovely sound from them, rooms a bit hard with tiled floors etc but it seems to work ok…


Living Room:
1210 MK3, Shure m77 carts
Omnitronic TRM MK3,
Rauch DVT 50S Power amp
Turbosound TXD 520 (prototype Torlyte cabs and stands from Russ Andrews)
Turbosound/Proel Milan prototype Sub
Linn Kan MK2 Monitors

In the ‘pub’ in the garden:
1210 Mk2 Grado carts
Xone23 mixer
Rauch DVT 50S power amp
Eltax Liberty 3 speakers
Monitor Radius active sub

I do most of my listening sitting outside in the garden, either using Creative PC speakers or a JBL blutooth speaker.

Analogue: Garrard 401 in Northwest Analogue slate plinth, redbeard custom bearing, SME IV, Dynavector XX-2 MkII, Pathos In the Groove MkII.
Digital: PC, RME HDSPe PCIe MADI, Mytek 8x192 ad/da.
Monitoring: Shadow Hills Equinox, ATC SCM50ASL Pro, Yamaha HS5

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Some lovely gear above,

My modest living room set up, where I listen to most of my music.
Technics 1210gr with Audio Technica VM540VL cart
Bluesound Node 2i streamer (tidal)
Roksan amp
Proac D2 speakers

Dj set up
Two 1210 mk2’s, djr 400, naim 5i amp, dynaudio excite x12 speakers.

Wants List
-new amp for the living room, the roksan is ok but getting on a bit. it’s my 40th this year so maybe a naim supernait 3 or a sugden as a present to myself.
-external phonostage - something like a graham slee.


I am a bit manically obsessed over good sound at home so have an Icon Audio ST40 MK3 with Harmonix valves, Klipsch Heresy II’s and a Graham Slee Phono Amp. They work really well together, I had some guidance from one of UK’s Klipsch importers over the 80’s/90’s who sold me the speakers. A really interesting sales day - he was in his 70’s and had a casual 4 Klipschorns at his second home. I mentioned David Mancuso, ‘is that the man who loved disco music?’. :slight_smile:

Also, for the mixing - x2 1210s, XDJ 700’s and Xone 62 (the old one made in Cornwall!).

All sound great for the man cave, my room is relatively small so I went for sensitive speakers rather than loud.

Eventually, I would like to get some Klipschorns and probably will when I get the space. I trawl Hi-Fi shark and have noted a number of European traders at reasonable prices, they just rarely if ever show up in the UK for a second hand purchase.


KEF LS50s actives with a Technics 1210 GR with Clearaudio cartridge and a NUC running Roon ROCK with Tidal.

Really happy with it!


DJ set up

1210 mk2s
Urei 1620LE
Mackie HR624mk2


Turntable work in progress still to be decided (1200mk2 or maybe a Thorens)
Pioneer SX-1250
Denon DVD-2900 (for CDs)
ifi Zen Dac for streaming + MediaMonkey for playing from NAS drive
JBL L112s


Living room: B&O Beogram 1200, with Bogen speakers which were my Dad’s from the 60’s - need an amp to suitably go with them.

Record Room: 2 x 1210s, Omnitronic TR202 Mk3, Technics Amp/Twin Tape Deck.


:flushed:…Wowzer, nice.

my current set up is an Amazon Echo Show 8…


For listening setup I had used a vintage Carver MXR-150 receiver for my entire adult life. The relays tended to fail every few years and when we went into the first lockdown I decided to upgrade, finally. Went for the Cambridge Audio CXA81 which is very neutral and sounds fantastic. Bluetooth support means we can finally stream hi-res from Quboz or play from Bandcamp. Finally been dragged into the streaming revolution, kicking and screaming lol. Speakers are Klipsch RP280F.

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The 401 sounds well nice with that rig.

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Thanks @MastaF it certainly does!


Some lovely set ups in this thread already.

Technics 1200/1210,
Nagatron 350E Stylus(listening), Ortofon Club(mixing)
Phono Pre-amp - Little Bear RIAA tube
Amp - Krell/Nobsound 10amp JLH Class A
Speakers - Mitsubishi Diatone

Garrard 401 Turntable
Leak Stereo 20 Amp


Kinell, thats the sexiest 401 plinth I’ve seen.

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It is gorgeous, weighs a ton though, I can barely lift it on my own!

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This is very impressive. Who did the joinery? All bespoke?