Home listening set up

Yeah, the centre section which houses the decks/mixer was done by my bro-in-law who did it in CAD to my exact spec.

When I moved house I got a joiner (my sister divorced my bro-in-law) in to do the two larger sections on either side and finally rid myself of those shity IKEA units.

Running out of space now though, not sure if I can expand anywhere else.


Not the most high end but with two kids fiddling with stuff it all makes sense. Cambridge Audio Amp, Totem Acoustic speakers. Audio Technica SL12 rip offs (I know, I know!) Numark mixer and Yamaha woofer.
The kids are allowed to play with it. I figure I’ll go through a few cartridges but I love the idea that they play with records.


Can anyone offer some advice on a device for streaming please, I currently have a crappy Alexa amazon thing running via my amp but sounds, as you can imagine, flat. I am clueless on this side of things. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve got a blusound node 2i, costs around 500 but can be had for less 2nd hand.

You connect it to your amp and it connects wirelessly to your network. you use an app on your phone/ tablet to control it. You can stream directly from the main services (Spotify, tidal, amazon etc). I use it to stream from tidal mainly but it has a USB input so you can connect it to a harddrive or memory stick and play tunes off them. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so you play mixes from soundcloud.

I’ve not compared it other similar devices but I’m happy with the sound. More for convenience than anything.

If you have a laptop, you could just get a really good dac instead.

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I don’t have the luxury of a listening set up and a DJing set up.

Turntables: 2 x Vestax PDX D3 with Shure White Label Carts
Digital: 2 x Pioneer NXS2
Mixer: Condesa Carmen V
Speakers: KRK Rokit 6’s (I know, I know, they are due to be replaced soon - been saying that for a few years now!!)

That’s it. If I’m listening, it just tends to be via my headphones or via Alexa in the kitchen!

Thats perfect for your situation. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances. You get to play and mix, the gear hasn’t bankrupted you and if something gets damaged there no lasting distress, perfect.

Swindon’s finest!

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I use a Google Chromecast Audio (discontinued but they’re on eBay sometimes) going into a PS Audio Sprout100 (then going into 2x KEF Q150) and it sounds ok.

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Cheers Roland, will be doing some research today…

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Thank Tomi, researching some bits and pieces at the moment and looking their are some nice affordable options for DAC which will be fine for what I need, thanks for the reply.

there is a definitely a shelf of records they are not allowed to touch !


We have three distinct systems really…

  1. 1210 Turntables, Grado carts, Vestax mixer, amp and tannoy speakers for ‘serious’ listening and dancing…

  2. Sonos system connected to studio Mac and NAS drive, for Kitchen/Cooking/Exercise listening.

  3. Music creation, Mac, Amp, Audio interface and NS10’s

Happy with everything bar the Sonos. Started out great, bare bones App, okay sound around the house… now however App has become a bloated clusterfark that crashes continually and can’t ‘find’ the system making you reboot the router usually when someone else is in another room watching Bridgerton… been tempted to hoof it out of the window on many occasions.

2 x 1210 Mk5 with Ortofon Concorde
Behringer b2301a Monitors
E&S DJR400 mixer

Nothing else really other than a Bose speaker for the kitchen and holidays/roadtrips which is actually a great wee thing.

Would love one of these ARS MODEL 9100 MUSIC MIXER - ALPHA RECORDING SYTEM ONLINE DIRECT SHOP but the price is silly…

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Crumbs that looks a bit nice, Nagra vibes…

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do you reckon you’d get much more out of it compared to your E&S though?

in 88 my set up looked like this:

In recent years:

Turntable: Yamaha Yp-511
Amp: Audiolab 8000A
Speakers: Heybrooke HB2

And sometime use a Garrard instead of the Yamaha:


Probably not in terms of the limitation of my speakers and room, but it hasn’t stopped me from staring at it wanting it :smiley:

I thought i’d put some pics of my living room setup with the furniture I made.


Nice skills there, love me a bit of Azymuth, saw them in London mid-80’s, was amazing.

What’s that light? on the little shelf… would like something small and discrete like that, if that is what it is, hoping it’s some kind of disco strobe laser thing… :wink: Have the glitter ball already!

Hello Scott, love your setup. Could i ask a couple of questions about your mixer?
I’ve got one the same and since i’ve had it i noticed that the master volume doesn’t seem to have any effect after about 7 on the pot. Is yours the same?
Also seems to be a difference in output between the L and R channel on input A. I’ve troubleshot it down to not being the deck/cart/particular record but other than that no clue. Basically the LEDs show 2 higher on the R channel than the L. When using a setup record for stereo etc it seems right though. Any issues with yours? :+1: