Have you watched any online DJ sets?

Online lol… I know these are different times but whats the best thing you’ve seen online in these times?

Hey Paul

First post, nice one for sorting the forum. Early noughties scenes!

Dipped into a few now and then, most of them are hard to keep your attention. They are just so dry

Hunee popped up with one out of the blue yesterday on Mixcloud, just from his apartment in Berlin. Loads of chill and Balearic gear. Well worth checking out


Virtually Nowadays - “Mood Hut Video Flow” was a personal favorite from this summer. 5 hours of music and visuals from Mood Hut. Not sure if you can watch it free anywhere as you had to be subscribed to nowadays’ patreon but if I find it I will link it

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Enjoying Bushwacka’s Live vinyl sets at the mo, the fella’s as genuine as they come, he absolutely loves his vinyl and you can tell he loves spinning it!

And of course he does big out some top tuneage kind of things I don’t get to listen to the daily basis, just listening to about 20 minutes ago doing a Strictly Rhythm special and straightaway a couple of quality tracks I had to Shazam!

If you can dig out the link I’d be interested in hearing that, those guys do some absolutely solid productions

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Hehe. Yeah I did ask Brewster for permission first heheh.


I’ve been watching a bunch of Twitch lately. Jimpster has a great show from his sofa. Sean Johnston played an amazing 5hr set a week back and of course, Francios K’s show is incredible every time.


Mr. Lightfoot’s Sunday morning sets are like church.

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i drop in on thelotradio.com at least a few times a week. i try and catch lloyd’s shows, justin strauss’ shows and mike simonetti’s as priorities - but i’m rarely disappointed with what i find there.


I watched Mendel do a great one a little while back, before the holidays, and it was nice. “Met” a few new friends too. Was on Zoom, though, and not recorded.

Can’t stand ‘watching’ a DJ set :face_vomiting:


Dicky Trisco’s sets from.hix basement during lockdown were great. Full of good music love and tequila.

I just find it so boring and a harsh reminder at the moment, seeing a DJ facing their wall with some house plants and nodding their head to keep it interesting is just too weird for me. Each to their own, but still - it’s not for me !!


I occassionaly check out Seoul Community Radio, there was on3 live w/ Daniel Monaco, had a bunch of ferrari commercials/fairs projected on green screen :racing_car:

for picturesque sets I recommend checking out Apgrade sets on yt published a month ago

I enjoyed a lot of the Homoelectric event during Lockdown 1.0 with Luke Unabomber opening up and Roisin Murphy doing performances from her living room. Olof Dreijer did a cool hour a few weeks back to celebrate twenty years of The Knife too.

But they’re not really fun to watch, it’s like Boiler Room - you put it on in the background while you’re doing some household chores or life admin and if it catches your eye again, great, but you’re not missing much.


I think the one I saw that really worked was the Defected one in a big old theatre space with Joey Negro playing Strobelight Honey and early 90s house with a load of voguers. That was great. He was ace.

Have really enjoyed D’julz’s Home Diggin sets…not particularly interesting to watch, but a fascinating insight into his record collection, have discovered loads of hidden gems :nerd_face:

this sounds promising!

Here you go…


I tend to agree. Most DJ’s are boring as hell to watch, however, Joe Claussel’s work on the rotary mixer using EQ / Isolation filters etc is something to behold. I pick up mixing styles and processes from certain DJ’s by watching.

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