Hauls Found Today

And there’s always the possibility of a last minute bidding war £££

Sometimes I see lots on ebay that are like 20 techno records and kind of leave it at that. Luck of the draw for whomever buys the whole lot. Maybe throw a description with the year and maybe labels in it as a teaser.

Highlights from a few days spent digging in London. Ended up going to Flashback, Idle Moments (twice) and Music & Video Exchange (where I was privy to a conversation about how “Instagram-first” buyers come get records there and sell them for higher prices at their own East-London based shops).

It’s been 10 years since I moved out from London and being there now wasn’t nostalgic at all but the opposite. It was exciting in a totally new and fresh way. Booking flights for the new year at the moment.

Sunday morning soundtrack:


I bought ‘how long’ last week too

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I’ve got to get my hands on that Ariwa Sounds comp. Great haul there!


Pahnd a go


Floorplay 12" is a nice score. Done by Solid Groove and friends, I think. The St Germain one is excellent. I wonder whatever happened to him.

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First dig in a few weeks and found 3 Oum Khalthoum LPs for four quid each. Probably going on ebay shortly.


I was once going through a crate of records at MK bowl bootsale priced at 50p. Did see an original copy E2 E4 along with loads of other stuff, which only some I knew, I left it behind as I the prefered Sueno Latino version…

Todays hauls £10 the lot. Still find Little Britain irksome, no idea why I picked this up.