Hauls Found Today

And there’s always the possibility of a last minute bidding war £££

Sometimes I see lots on ebay that are like 20 techno records and kind of leave it at that. Luck of the draw for whomever buys the whole lot. Maybe throw a description with the year and maybe labels in it as a teaser.

Highlights from a few days spent digging in London. Ended up going to Flashback, Idle Moments (twice) and Music & Video Exchange (where I was privy to a conversation about how “Instagram-first” buyers come get records there and sell them for higher prices at their own East-London based shops).

It’s been 10 years since I moved out from London and being there now wasn’t nostalgic at all but the opposite. It was exciting in a totally new and fresh way. Booking flights for the new year at the moment.

Sunday morning soundtrack:


I bought ‘how long’ last week too

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I’ve got to get my hands on that Ariwa Sounds comp. Great haul there!


Pahnd a go


Floorplay 12" is a nice score. Done by Solid Groove and friends, I think. The St Germain one is excellent. I wonder whatever happened to him.

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First dig in a few weeks and found 3 Oum Khalthoum LPs for four quid each. Probably going on ebay shortly.


I was once going through a crate of records at MK bowl bootsale priced at 50p. Did see an original copy E2 E4 along with loads of other stuff, which only some I knew, I left it behind as I the prefered Sueno Latino version…

Todays hauls £10 the lot. Still find Little Britain irksome, no idea why I picked this up.


Record fair in The Fine City today, picked up some long time wants and some nice cheapos:


Proper epic dig, will dine out on this one for years in terms of sheer comedy, nearly came away with nowt but one last deep dig by the exit got three of these out.
Records in order of greatness (subjectve)
Just edited as my associate has caught me in deep dig, that’s possibly less picked under there and where the three were found.


I found my copy the other day and played it and the pops are there but somehow I managed to make it not jump. Although reading this months later it does bring some consolation that it wasn’t me who messed it up.

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On The Upside. That’s an all-time fave right there.


Herbie cut if you can get on Emergency, likely to bring it up a notch at least sonically.

God bless Herb.

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Not a record. The charity shop opposite me is closing down and they are leaving the stock in the street. Had a look through a big box of VHS tapes. Early Star Wars rental copy. Took it home & looked it up on ebay.



Of course, you have to find someone who’s willing to pay it. Still, 100% profit whatever.

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VHS or Betamax ? Answer is in your post!

All mint condition LPs in a charity
Their entire stock looked to be someones mid / late 80s soul collection

Apparently someone before had rinsed it