Hauls Found Today

I had that William DeVaughan and myself and associate rejected it for being too remixed up. I have no idea where the rejects were dumped a decade ago, maybe the dump.

Like the mix now or at least I might play it. I guess this or the album cut, one of those I never get round to researching…


Not sure where to start today


Quid or less at the boot. Two pounds at the (God help us all) record fair for Grace Jones. Go for the B sides on African Love and Sade. Pretty pleased to find the Was (Not Was).

Midnight Is The Time I Need You on the Demis_Roussos, coming in at £5 and the most expensive record in months, there may be a ton more records in this location though.

Apologies if all these listings are obvious. It is going over ground I have passed through before, hope the selection is timeless?



That Sade is great, there’s another 12 that has the extended version of Make Some Room on which I have, but had to pay a premium for it!

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Yep, got that one from the boot too. Further up the forum thread probably.

Nice Haul, especially on the reggae. It’s a big help as I haven’t got enough hours to memorize everything worth having.

Picked this lot up for £30 from Ray Of Delight in Arundel. I’ve been going to Arundel for 25 years as my Mother-in-law lives there and I only found this shop this weekend, not sure how thats possible. They have ultrasonic cleaning gear in the shop so everything in exquisite condition. Looking forward to going back.


Whats the Flash In The Pan? Single or album?

That’s a hell of a deal on those, just edited, probably just a far price. I was thinking of London prices for Rotation

I will be back in that store tomorrow you will be shocked at the price of some of the LPs

It’s an album. I only got it for Walking In The Rain. Was the most expensive at £8. Rotation was £3.

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Really lucked out here lads.

Got some proper bargains.

Better be quick or you’ll miss them…

What’s this about? 900 quid for a record?

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The bloke who owns it is often to be seen at one of my local car boots wearing a Nigel Farage t shirt and generally being a cunt.

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Ahhh, good to know

Thanks YSL. Normalising completely ridiculous prices for widely available records.



For £930 at the very least I’d expect Sade herself to present it to me in person and then take me out for a chippy tea after.


PoTD, sir!

Staying in the parents house tonight, dog sitting :roll_eyes:… I will be straight up in the attic digging for records and mags ect. Everything will be available for anyone interested and FREE…


Really really putting me off popping in .

Needs must.

Balearic-ish records on the way home from work, today, its hauls today thread, right?
I offer more money as its a fresh un picked box but the seller just won’t take it. Feeling a bit sad to enter ther world of novelty glow in the dark vinyl but the black version goes for £1k if we believe Discogs.

Malicious Damage will be a label to check out after the weekends other find.