Hauls Found Today

Made a quick trip to a nearby antique shop on my lunch break today which surprisingly has some decent, well priced crates of records, and picked up the following for a grand total of 20 quid:

Stone cold classic that I’d just never got round to picking up before. Wasn’t going to leave it behind for a tenner.

Only just a VG copy (hence the price) but nice to have on a 12”.

Nowhere near as good as the other Hudson People cut that everyone knows, but pleasant enough for a couple of quid.

Oddball dubby new wave 12” from a local band to me, have known about it for a while and had been meaning to pick it up but never came across it until today.


Maybe 20 (or 30) years ago but I dont see anything in any condition Id want to buy

Mid 90s I went in & asked for 7" of Ooh Child, he said give me a few days to find it & thats when shop was semi organised

Can I vicariously employ you to continue to gather more excellent finds in the future? This could save me some pennies.

Has to be bonus points for lunchtime finds?

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I only went once. By the door was a record case full of disco 12’s. They were mint and looked unplayed, I think they were very cheesy or I already had them, got a mint copy of Kool & Gang Open Sesame and `Roller Skating Mate’ (for those roller boogie gigs…). My mate pulled out ‘you know how to love me’ which Rob considered a modern mover of a tune, that was £10, the disco pair were a £1 each. Last time I made a very long journey to it and found it was closed. It works on the tradition of quite a few shops I know of having no forms of comunication such as landline, mobile, internet etc.

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Pheww, TP is back!

There is a personal story going on with my life as we speak to raise a chuckle perhaps…onwards with the hauls. These are from yesterday, I’ve been off work for two weeks but have limited record funds now as the squeeze gets tighter, full cold turkey up to this point.

The usual pound each, I edited out the less hot records I found, but all were good. Miquel Brown has to be an essential bargain bin find for disco lovers. The rest are explained on the discogs.


Wow, ridiculous haul for £8, well played!

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Just picked a selction up after playing on a battery powered turntable. £2.50 each but swings and roundabouts on pricing, this is the shop with the filthy records. A vacuum record cleaner has to be a friend of any one hauling hauls.
Ability is a bit hammered, will keep it as a reference copy until a better one turns up, this is a hot potato of a tune.


Had a visit to a record store here in Rio as I’m visiting for Carnaval and got some good records for nice prices:

(the David Gamson track is the tip here)


Nice haul from the charity shop yesterday, came to a tenner:

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I bought mr. Messenger this week for a bit more than a £1 but chuffed nonetheless.

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Looking out for the Crammed record comp, this you may have also.

The one on the 3CDs or is there another one?

I’m playing records at the next Letchworth record fair. on the 14th of May. I’ll be using the Bozak (CMA 2DL) and some enormous JBL monitors (C50 S8 for the audio nerds) which were once used at Abbey Road (no proof). I bought them from the drummer in the Bootleg Beatles and spent about 1k on them to restore. Not sure if this will be a ‘one deck’ or two. You can play records and network if you want.

Street player is unplayed and mint, not a boot. First play ever now, sounds ridiculous!
I left out the £2 piano screamer guilty pleasure.


I’ve got this in my wantslist but haven’t researched the others.

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Oh shit, I saw that at Redscroll but was in a hurry. Think there were two. If it’s still there when I go back in a month I’ll grab it for you.

I’m in UK but we may be able to work out swaps. I’m nowhere near the depth of your digging though!

Mate, I’ve lifted so many tunes from your hauls on here that sending you a record would be no sweat at all. Full circle and all that.

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I can’t find your instagram, I should keep tabs on your records there also. Also thanks!


But I hardly do anything on it at the moment.


Cracking haul, I have forgoten how strong the Melba Moore is. Raw Silk hasn’t appeared yet either, class.