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The one sided 12" just like heaven cover by Dinosaur Jr



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Possibly the last haul of 2022…who I’m I kidding.

Well it’s been a crap year with a void that no amount of records can fill, but on the journey I’ve made new friends and reconnected with some special people :heart:.

Here are the sometimes emotional records I found today, there are always loads of (funny hopefully) anecdotes and stories around the characters I meet everyday at the peripheries of the dance floor scene. I may link them all together and start to put them out.

Thanks to all those diggers who have contributed this year.

Aurra for the Midnight mix, Courtesy of Boyd Jarvis and Timmy Regisford. Proper dancer this is.
A Gherkin label find not as strong as some but still not an everyday pick. Animal Magnet not known to me, very left field on both sides. Cuff link from Wings must be on Bill Brewsters Macca Mix? Lotus eaters with the breakdown, yes please £6 though. I’m feeling Basia at the moment, very Matt Bianco who are Balearic, so there.

Go and ask anybody
They will all say the same everyone
Love is contagious
We are part of a chain


Love it!

Adding that Aurra record to my Wantlist. Good tip, thanks.


Baby Love always one of theirs I love…


Big stack of soul 45s from the charity shop in my wife’s hometown

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Was going to post this yesterday as the final haul did indeed come on NYE. I’m not trying to be evasive by not naming specific shops but if you want to have a dig round the shops of Bedford, Northampton, Hitchin or any UK market town you should come up with finds and some conversations. There can be an element of competition and some hostility on your way, good luck.

I’ll shoehorn in one interesting record that I didn’t post this year and the first on the list I handed to a fellow digger, pretty certain it was the strong one of the two releases by this artist, anyway I hope it made his day as it is a time for sharing. I’ll gloss over that I’d just gone through around a thousand records before he arrived and had an intensive pick. Some conversation ensured with my usual evangelising of the power of connections through the dance floor.

Everything was cheap, I mean 50p to £1, a couple of priced records were well below internet rates, not bothered about some dirt as there is a vacuum and self made cleaning solution in bulk here. I have left out what to me are too obvious, although that can be a fickle judgement. 27 records for £45 was the grand total.

The Imperial Brothers is a Funhouse tune in my mind. The Alex album is a collectable Norwiegian press which has been signed by all of the band, this is from one cool and quirky DJ collection. I’m liking Brazil from the R & S comp, I’d play that out happily. Claire Hamill with Palm Of My Hand may have been played by Howler? Anyway who I’m I to tell you what’s good, but they are all good/quirky/interesting!.

Thank you again for those playing along at home.



Just chuck a couple in today. It’s been 14 days since my last record purchase (apart from Stella* – Détends-Toi) on, errr Thursday.

Both below in bargain bins everywhere, the dub of Blue Zone might just be good.

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Digging at the inlaws house




Great LP

Bargain bin 1985

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Like a Inca for me.

Top find, not aware of this.

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My Mrs father visited NYC alot in the 80s, he worked for Waterford Crystal here and would travel over with glass a few times a year… I always remember the ones with the stickers

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Shop in Hemel, probably the next tier down from Rob’s records in Nottingham in terms of, well they do say if you have nothing nice to say…4 for £10

Fill your boots. Took me a long time to clean these.

That Martine Girault tune has taken me ages to find, seems common online, should try harder.


Robs shop is amazing.

I remember being given a small pile of records by the in-laws, practically all of which were of no interest to me - the usual charity shop affair of Paul Young, Roy Orbison, Hot Chocolate etc - but buried in there was a practically mint Sueño Latino 12”… they had no idea when or where they had picked it up!


I haven’t been for a long time, as long as I get a massive haul I can tolerate the ‘mess’. I do think it might put some buyers off…